Barossa Valley- Activities that Mostly Don’t Involve Wine

There are numerous Barossa Valley hotels that promote staying in the region if you are a wine lover. If you have kids, or are going with a group, and you are looking for some activities that consist of something a little different than spending each day downing copious amounts wine, this article is for you. The Barossa valley lends itself to a range of exciting and relaxing activities. Here is a look at them. Activities you can do in the Barossa Valley that don’t involve wine – well, mostly – at least you will have a way to work that hangover off.

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  • Paintball. Great to get revenge on annoying family members or colleagues. Only a short drive from the Barossa Valley is one of Australia’s largest paintball centers. Get back at those around you and have fun doing it.
  • Harley Hires. You will have to have at least a day from drinking if you intend to ride a Harley Davidson around. There is nothing quite like enjoying the clean air as you ride around the region on a thumping Harley Davidson.
  • Ballooning. Ask your Barossa Valley accommodation to make this arrangement for you. There is probably somewhere nearby you can depart from. This would have to be the ultimate way to sightsee the region. For those who must have a drink, some operators pack a lunch for those longer flights.
  • Golf. An excellent way to walk off the calories from indulgent days of wine and food. Promote competition or just a healthy activity among your group or family. There is always the 19th hole to enjoy a glass of local wine.
  • Fishing. Yes, there is also a great range of locations for some of the best fishing in the state. If you like freshwater fish, this is a great option to get exercise and try your favorite wines with what you have caught. Ask your hotel or concierge for tour operators.
  • Biplane Adrenalin. If ballooning does not give you enough airborne thrill, then you should think about a short and exciting sky-ride in a refurbished bi-plane. The planes have much more power than the originals and a sure way to get your heart thumping.
  • Sky Diving. I you are the ultimate adrenalin junkie or looking to create memorable bonding moments, you need look no further. If it is your first time, you can get excellent training and expert tips before you tandem dive with a local operator.
  • Bike Riding. If you like hiking, and are looking for more of a rush by flying down a hillside, this might be just what the doctor ordered. Either that, or slowly take in the afternoon air and build up a hunger for that evening feast.
  • Tennis. Another all time classic outdoor activity for just about everyone. An excellent option for families and groups.
  • Cultural Tours. There is a lot more history than just that of the wineries. Unlock some of the amazing stories of the early settlers and even some of the shocking crimes of the past. The region is loaded with tales and hearsay.

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