Beach attractions in Savannah Georgia Beach in the US

Savannah beach is one of the top attractions while you are in Georgia, U.S. You can take time to experience the history, charm and beauty of this amazing coastal city. In Savannah there are numerous attractions you can get to visit while you are in Georgia. Apart from the food festivals, art exhibitions and live music savannah’s main attraction is its beaches, here are the most amazing places you can visit while you are in Savannah Beach. Tybee Island tells it all.

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Tybee Island
this is Savannah Beach top attraction because of its beaches which has a unique kind of sand made of granite from the Appalachia Mountains. The Island has five beaches these are:

1. South Beach, which is adjacent to the Tybee Island’s business district and is the busiest beach in Savannah, the beach has a section which is open to people who love surfing.

2. Mid Beach, which is less crowded and is mostly used by the locals and has access to all streets that are numbered; it features a restaurant and a public restroom.
3. North Beach is one of the places you cannot afford to miss when you are at savannah beach if you are a fan for aquatic wildlife. The beach is frequently used for dolphin’s tours and is one of the most beautiful sites in Savannah. It is a good beach for gathering sea shells, with a parking lot and outdoor shower you will enjoy visiting the amazing North beach.

Tybee Island will still amaze you with the other beaches which are riverside beaches

4. Savannah River Beach runs from Lazaretto to the North Jetty, which can be accessed by walking from North Beach. It is a beach which has lower waves which will make you enjoy when you kids want to play with water.

5. The Back River Beach is the last beach and a part of it glamorous views of Little Tybee Island across the Savannah Beach and has low waves and a fun place for touring

A visit to Tybee Island will be a great experience you can get to visit the light house and museum which is a must see when visiting Savannah Beach. The silhouette will impress you and get to see a panoramic view of Tybee Island from the lighthouse. This being the land mark of Tybee Island. You can also enjoy a bike tour through Tybee Island by bicycle; get to paddle along the water shores with your family, when it comes to education you can still get to learn in this great attraction by having a beach Ecology trip which is fun for all ages. You can get to explore Little Tybee and Wassaw Islands .There is a Marine science centre where you can learn on the islands sea turtles.

Because Tybee is Savannah Beach Top attraction it doesn’t stop the fun by having stand-up paddle boarding, Jet Skis, and Kayak Tours.

To finish visiting this amazing place you can have lunch or dinner at the Tybee Island Crab Shack. The islands have five star hotels where you can get to rest as you tour. The US Visa Waiver helpful for travellers who wants to visit the beach attractions in Savannah Georgia Beach in the U.S.

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