Beautiful Navini Coral Cay Island

Navini Island would be an excellent choice for a Fiji honeymoon, and you would have little difficulty putting together a Fiji honeymoon package with any well known travel agent. Many people take a Fiji vacation every year, but the trick is to get the right degree of exclusivity and relaxation, and Navini has all of that. Navini is one of the smallest island resorts close to Nadi, on that side of Viti Levu, and it is a private resort, where you can expect a casual and thoroughly relaxed time.

Navini Island
Photo: Richard Seaman

The closeness to the international airport makes it an obvious choice for the first few days of relaxation after stepping off a long haul flight from say Europe, before beginning a sweep of the South Pacific. You will be met by Navini Island Resort staff at the airport and within an hour you will be at Navini, and even swimming off the beach. The island is small, you can wander round it in 10 minutes, because Navini is a coral cay and is only ever a few feet above the sea.

Navini is not just coral, although of course the beautiful coral sand and the turquoise ocean are an outstanding feature. There are coconut palms, and lots of shade, and masses of tropical flowers. It has only 12 bures including a honeymoon bure, all on the beach and overlooking the coral reef, which makes it the perfect start to your Fiji honeymoon. There are 36 island staff which outnumbers the guests so you will get to know the smiling Fijian staff and appreciate their infectious enthusiasm and also appreciate their culture and generous hospitality which is unequalled anywhere.

At Navini Island your time is your own. It may be you decide to go snorkelling on the bright multicoloured reef, visit a local village on a complimentary morning outing, kayak around the island, visit Nadi town on a shopping trip, or perhaps just lie in the shade enjoying the amazing views. There are other activities but if this is your Fiji Honeymoon, or a Fiji vacation Package to escape the stresses of 21st Century life you may want to do nothing at all.

You could of course sail a hobycat, a sailboard, a spyboard or a sea cycle. All these activities cost you nothing. If you feel energetic there is the afternoon volleyball game, or you could read a book from the resort library or perhaps even a massage. You can of course go scuba diving, para sailing or sports fishing, for which there is a fee albeit a modest one. As you will realise Navini Island gives you a very laid back exclusive Fiji vacation package and could be a most delightful choice for your Fiji honeymoon.

Navini Beach
Photo: Enzo&Mary

Navini’s dining room is open air beautifully situated between the tropical gardens and the turquoise sea. The food is a mix between traditional Fijian and innovative cuisine. There are choices at all times, and always beautiful fresh fish and local fruit, everything cooked in the kitchen. Apart from accommodation, which is very comfortable if slightly Spartan, food and drink feature highly on any vacation package, and you will not be disappointed.

You will go to Navini island for your Fijian Vacation Package or that once in a lifetime Fijian Honeymoon, and arrive as a guest and leave feeling you have made many friends. Once a week there is a traditional Fijian night with a ‘lovo’ which is food cooked underground, and then a kava ceremony with Fijian singing by the staff.

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