Belize Main Attractions and Destinations

Situated in Central America, Belize is a small English-speaking country that has numerous attractions and destination cities. From the white sandy beaches and reefs to the jungles and the mysteries of Maya civilization, a tourist can never lack things to see and do in this beautifully crafted country.

Maya ruin temple - Belize

Maya-Ruins and Temples

Ever heard of the great Maya civilization? These ruins and temples are a prehistoric site of where this civilization’s home was. Though the civilization came to an end about 1000 years ago, the remains of what was left behind have been preserved to make a fascinating attraction for all calibres of tourists. The area is composed of numerous temples and underground chambers used for rituals. Obsidian, pottery, gold and jade are some of the materials used in making magnificent carvings and paintings in the ancient times and the expertise in the area is quite evident. To welcome you to the Maya ruins are descendants of the civilization. Though from different ethnicities, the peace and tranquillity of co-existence is evident from the warm welcome tourists receive. Some of the main Mayan sites include Caracol, Altun Ha, Lubaantun and Xunantunich.


For the best experience of the Belize culture, then Dangriga is one of the major places you can visit. Located in the Stann-Creek district, it is well-known as the culture city and is the origin of the famous Punta-rock music and other indigenous-music forms such as Paranda-music are great hits here. The Punta music is characterized by mixing the traditional acoustic Garifuna and electric instruments. The Gulisi Garifuna Museum is one of the major museums in the city which one can visit to experience the ultimate culture of the Garifuna-people (indigenous to the town of Dangriga). The Drums of my Father Monument, Thomas Vincent Ramos Monument and the National Garifuna Council headquarters are just but a few of the many sites to explore in Dangriga.


Hopkins is yet another town in the same district which is rich in the Garifuna culture and cuisine. With an awesome beach and a more laid back lifestyle unlike the urban Dangriga, Hopkins is characterized by tranquillity. Some of the things you can take part include: scuba diving, snorkelling and enjoying the Garafuna drumming.

Belize zoo

These are the best places to visit for the best in the Belize wildlife. The Belize zoo is located only 31 miles from Belize City and is home to many wild animals ranking among the biggest in America. Being a temporary home to injured animals before they are taken back to the wild, the Belize zoo is one of the best places to experience the Belize wildlife in close-up.

The Cockscomb-Basin-Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a reserve for jaguars and is one of the most-extensive jungle-hiking trails in the country. The trail is characterized by named plants and animals and is a great place for bird watching, animals and plants too.

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