Best 3 Resorts in Nigeria You Should Try

Everything changes over time, even a country which had been once a poor country starving to survive can be one of the fabulous countries attracting tourists from the whole world. That’s Nigeria.

Traveling - Best 3 Resorts in Nigeria You Should Try

Nigeria is not suffering from hunger or vagrancy, but a place having amazing resorts equipped with elegant architecture, modern facilities, etc.

Let’s check some of the best resorts in Nigeria that you should try:


This romantic haven attracts tourists, especially couples. Actually, it is the best hotel in Uyo.

It has a big golf playground, breathtaking view over the rain forest as well as an elegant restaurant which serves delicious local and intercontinental dishes.
It is really an amazing place. to spend a vacation.


If you are a pleasure seeker, you much explore Kamp Ikare on a stretch of Lagos coast near the Ikare Village. It is the best place for those looking for solitude or romantic getaway.

It has the countryside mood mixed with a modern touch giving all visitors an amazing chance to enjoy every minute there.


La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is the heaven on earth for every tourist. Whether you wanna enjoy the Savannah, freshwater lake, sandy beach or the warm sea, you can do it here in this resort. literally, you’ll find everything you like for the perfect vacation.

These are the top three resorts in Nigeria, but the list goes on with other amazing resorts which you can check according to your budget. You can discuss it with our agent at Travelstart or contact the resort to get more information. Book a room in the resort that perfectly fits your image of the incredible tour.

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