Best 4 Picnic Spots to Enjoy London Summers

The best way to enjoy a sunny moment in London is by planning an impromptu picnic. Throw your rug at these gardens or farmlands, and consider having a nice alfresco dining experience:

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Kyoto Garden, Holland Park

Created in 1991, Kyoto Garden in Holland Park is the best place to escape into tranquillity in the heart of London. In this garden, you will see a medium-sized pond, waterfall, a bridge, stone temple, and fountain. This garden was created to celebrate Japanese Festival and was renovated in 2001 to commemorate Britain’s ties with Japan. You will find absolute serenity here, with gentle sounds of the waterfall bringing a welcome change from hustle in the City.
Vauxhall City Farm

Vauxhall City Farm is a beautiful countryside in London, offering spectacular smells, sights, and sounds of rural life. You will see some rare breed sheep, cows, ferrets, spotty pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and goats at this farm.There is a separate ecology area, dye and herb garden along with a beautiful picnic area. Bring your children and family to have free fun all day here. The farm offers educational and group visits during summers too.
Victoria Park

It is one of the oldest and historic public parks in London, offering wide space for recreation, relaxation, and playing. Victoria Park is a key picnic spot where a variety of formal and informal events, activities, and festivals take place every year. There are many sports clubs, tennis courts, cricket practice nets, and a rugby pitch to keep you entertained on your holidays. The Pavilion Café is one of the best park cafes, serving brewed coffee, fry-ups, and splendid cakes. This café remains open from 8.30 am until 5 pm during the summer season.
Hyde Park

Covering over 350 acres of area, Hyde Park, serves as one of the greatest picnic spots in Central London. This great city park has something to entertain everyone. It features more than 4000 trees, ornamental flower gardens,a huge lake, and a meadow. Hyde Park is also suitable for several recreational activities, such as cycling, boating, skating, and swimming. You will find pitches for team games, number of tracks for horse riding, tennis courts, and a spacious children’s playground. Two lakeside restaurants here are popular among tourists for a three-course meal, snacks, and coffee.

These picnic spots allow every traveller to enjoy sunny weather outside during their holidays. Enjoy the splendid summer season in London by heading to these sites that offer everything for individuals and families. Tourists staying at hotels in London are blessed with plenty of green spaces where they can plan a picnic to enjoy great sunshine. These green picnic spots have the edge of shelter, ambience, and views, making your trip more memorable.

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