Best Breweries for Tourists to Try in Ireland

Ireland has a reputation for making some of the finest beers in the world. Unfortunately, many tourists have a difficult time finding great breweries when they visit the country. There are a surprisingly small number of breweries throughout the country.

Brewery in Ireland

What Will You Find at an Irish Brewery?
The breweries that you can find are well-worth visiting, especially for people who love fine dark ales. Nearly 95 percent of the beer sold in Ireland is either Lager or Stout.

Certain Irish beers are finally starting to become very popular both domestically and abroad. Guinness originated in Dublin more than 250 years ago and has become one of the most famous beers in the world since. Irish Stout is another very popular beer that is sold throughout the world. However, some beers that are produced in Irish breweries have only recently started to gain traction. Murphy’s Irish Stout is starting to become much more popular now that the manufacturer has been bought out by Heineken.

Anyone who loves dark beer should try to make a visit to some of the breweries throughout the country.

Great Breweries in Ireland
Many of the smaller breweries throughout Ireland have been closed. However, there are still a few larger breweries that are worth visiting. I have compiled a list of some of the more popular ones below.

Beamish Irish Stout
Beamish Irish Stout is currently the largest brewery in Ireland and the third largest in the United Kingdom. The owners of the brewery have been perfecting their craft since the last eighteenth century and pride themselves on making well-roasted beer with some of the strongest hops in the country. You can visit their brewery on South Main Street in Cork.

Great Northern Brewing Company
The Great Northern Brewing Company has been in business since 1846 and the brewery’s reputation parallels that of many of the more prominent breweries throughout the world. They are the original makers of Harp Lager and many other popular beers throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Guinness realized that there was considerable demand for the beer produced at the Great Northern Brewing Company, but felt that the existing brewery didn’t have the infrastructure needed to mass produce it. Guinness purchased the facilities and modernized them in 1960.

You can visit the brewery on Carrick Road if you are stopping through Dundalk.

I can’t imagine visiting Ireland without seeing the Guinness brewery. The brewery was established over 250 years ago and has produced some of the finest ales and lagers in the world. Guinness may not be the largest brewery, but it is definitely the most famous.

Sales are expected in increase nearly 50 percent now that the brewery has been relocated to Dublin. You can find the Guinness brewery on Saint James’s Gate.

Galway Hooker
Galway Hooker is a microbrewery that sells its pale ale in nearly a dozen breweries in Galway. You have to travel a bit further through the outskirts of Galway County to get to this beer than many of the other breweries. However, the trip is well worth it.

Enjoy Visiting Breweries in Ireland
Ireland can be a great place to visit if you love drinking ale or lager. There are only about a dozen remaining breweries in the country, but they produce some of the finest dark beers in the world.

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