Best Locations in the World to Make Port During Cruise Holidays

There are so many fantastic ports of call to experience on a holiday at sea. For some the best ports of call are destinations long dreamed about, whilst for others they’re the surprises of the trip; destinations never given much thought to but found awe inspiring once experienced. This article takes a look at five must-see ports of call.

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#1: Limmasol, Cyprus. Located on Akrotiri Bay, the port of Limmasol is the largest port in Cyprus and one of the largest in the Mediterranean. With the Troodos Mountains in the background there really isn’t another port quite like Limmasol anywhere in the Mediterranean, and the experiences of holidaymakers are further enhanced by its carefree atmosphere and the friendliness of its locals. There are wineries to visit, some of the best restaurants on the island to eat at and the stunning Ladies Mile Beach is a short distance from the port.

#2: Hubbard Glacier, Alaska. Covering a massive 1,350 square miles and approximately 75 miles long, the Hubbard Glacier is a must-see. Holidaymakers come to witness firsthand the awe-inspiring sight of its 300-foot wall of ice rising sheer out of the ocean. In contrast with most glaciers, which have retreated and thinned considerably, the Hubbard Glacier has been advancing toward the Gulf of Alaska and has also thickened significantly. This is a must-see now because it could close the seaward entrance of Russell Fiord and become less accessible by ship.

#3: Sydney, Australia. Perhaps not exotic or off the beaten path enough for some, Sydney boasts one of the world’s most beautiful natural harbours. Those lucky enough to enjoy Australia’s largest metropolis as a port of call have enjoyed activities like shopping at the Rocks, a 19th Century village considered to be the birthplace of modern Australia, ferry rides around the harbour and a walk to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge for unsurpassed views.

#4: Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Like Falmouth, the port of Ocho Rios is another Jamaican port that’s captured the hearts of holidaymakers enjoying a Caribbean cruise. Edged with stunning beaches and landscapes it isn’t difficult to see why it’s considered to be one of the world’s finest ports. The name doesn’t translate to ‘eight rivers’, but rather waterfalls; ‘chorreras’, of which there are many, including one of Jamaica’s most famous waterfalls; Dunn’s River Falls, which plunge 600 feet to limestone beds. Popular activities to engage in whilst in Ocho Rios include bamboo raft rides, a journey in a safari-rigged Land Rover and exciting river-tubing safaris down the White River.

#5:  Callao, Lima, Peru. Callao isn’t safe day or night but you can catch a taxi into Lima in 30-45 minutes. The historic city centre of Lima is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and there’s a wealth of attractions to witness the splendour of here. The city is graced with beautifully ornate churches and Spanish mansions; moreover no trip would be complete without a visit to the Plaza De Armas and the Church and Covenant of San Francisco.

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