Best of Galilee

While the larger cities tend to receive a lot more attention, the region known as Galilee is a goldmine of sights and experiences that are sure to please both the avid history buff and the curious traveler. And there’s no shortage of a number of the most beautiful hotels in Israel. Here are some of the best, and perhaps most unexpected, things to do in Galilee.


Hiking Along the Nahal Farod

Plan your visit to the Nahal Farod stream for the late winter or early spring, otherwise there may not be much to see besides desolate, cracked earth. Yet a trip here in the wet season will give you a wonderful guide in the Nahal Farod, which offers plenty of picturesque picnicking stops and eventually brings you to two lovely waterfalls. With its gentle hike, plus nearby lodging, mini-golf and ice cream, this is also a wonderful spot to bring the whole family.

Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee

Tiberias is a city with ancient origins, a place where Jews have mixed with Romans, Christians and Arabs for centuries. Today, it is a resort town boasting over 2,000 years of history since the Romans settled there for the waters. Nearby is the Sea of Galilee, actually a lake, known today as Lake Kinneret, which Christians will recognize as the spot where Jesus walked on water. Whatever your religion, it is a stunning place to catch a sunset.

Bet Gabriel

Also centric on the Sea of Galilee, Bet Gavriel offers modern touches, like an art gallery and a café, as well as a beautiful view of the deep blue waters. Nearby is the Bet Gabriel Restaurant, with kosher offerings of seafood and pasta, plus the two amphitheaters, the Large and Small, which host performances ranging from concerts to dance programs.

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