Best Road Trip Through Australia

I’ve read an amazing quote somewhere, saying “If travelling were free, you’d never see me again”. So true!

The Great Ocean Road - Best Road Trip Through Australia

It’s been for a long time that I’ve been wishing to just give up on everything – long office hours, same places to go out in my home city, the well-known sights I’ve seen so many times before. I felt the need to just go away and enjoy the road, you know? Wind blowing, no top roof, loud music and your hands in the air (well, at times, you have to watch the road after all). I needed to feel free.

So one day, I did it! I sat into my car, previously had picked out my favorite music, got some money and started driving.

Since I was, and still am mesmerized with the whole experience, I’ve decided to put together a list of all the places I’ve seen. Who knows, maybe they’ll inspire you to one day go on a road trip yourself! However, I can’t promise everything will be written in order that travelled, I didn’t keep a log, honestly.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria is definitely one of the greatest drives in Australia. I’ve always been aware of the hype surrounding this destination, naming it top class coastal scenic route and I’ve had the luck to see and experience it for myself! I was blown away with the so called 12 Apostles, sticking out from the coast like giant stalagmites! Simply breath-taking! The coastal line is decorated with some wonderful beaches, good eateries, lots of wildlife and magnificent rainforest walks. In case you didn’t know, this area has a long history of shipwrecks, so I was happy to had chosen a car for this adventure!

Since I was traveling by car, exploring the coast from Sydney to Brisbane was definitely on my map! The scenery there is so beautiful and lovely, like you wouldn’t believe. However, I have to recommend following the ocean from Sydney to Melbourne is you are hoping to see a string of pretty coastal towns, turquoise lagoons, wild camping spots and vast national parks.

I travelled with my best friend so we have decided to stop here for a while. What I can tell you is that Aboriginal presence is pretty strong here in parts, amazing. Plus, you’ll find great fishing spots and birdlife galore. There are a lot of kangaroos there, especially at Pebbly Beach. They are absolutely adorable and even pose for photographs beside the surf! Of course we took a pic!

If you are craving some dramatic alpine scenery, I’d suggest heading out from Jindabyne and up into the hills towards Corryong in Victoria, straight towards the Alpine Way, New South Wales. You will drive through Kosciuszko National Park and enjoy the wonderfulness of the scenery. There is also the option of camping among wallabies and wombats on the banks of the Snowy River, if you are a fan of camping of course. If not, you can always take a nap in your car before you hit the road again.

Kangarooooooooosss! Yep, there is even a place called Kangaroo Island and it’s located in South Australia. This is how we went about – we took on the SeaLink ferry from Adelaide and then just drove for about 1600km. If you are planning to do the same, don’t miss a stroll through a colony of fur seals and the wind-sculptured rock formations. I am absolutely positive you’ll be amazed with the exotic koalas hanging in the trees there, they are adorable! You can also spot little penguins returning to their night time burrows beside the beach, just near the town of Penneshaw.

There were plenty more sights we’ve seen and experienced and I could go on and on about them, but to be completely honest – you simply have to see it all for yourself to understand it! So, may dear road trip enthusiasts, I encourage you to take the road trip and make some amazing memories! Oh, and – before you leave, make sure you’ve got enough gas in the tank (and some extra!), that your tyres have previously been checked and that everything in and on a car is functioning properly. You don’t want your car to ruin the whole experience!

Since I am from Australia, taking a road trip to another continent wasn’t really an option so I thought to myself “What the heck! I’ll just explore my roots!” – and I did. No matter where you are from, do the same – make your life good, you only live once!

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