Best UK Beaches: Top 10

The warm weather will be arriving in the United Kingdom before you know it. When this happens, you need to know the ideal places to have some fun in the sun with your friends and family. There is certainly no shortage of places to enjoy yourself on a hot summer day, so let’s take a look at the United Kingdom’s 10 best beaches:

Worlds largest deckchair Bournemouth - Best UK Beaches: Top 10

1. Bournemouth, Dorset, England

Seven miles of golden sand is one of the biggest benefits of Bournemouth. This is an ideal location to take a family for a day out because of the many acres of open space and the soft sand that is gentle on the feet of small children. This particular beach has won numerous cleanliness awards. Visitors will even be able to take a look at the Needles on the Isle of Wight if there happens to be clear weather conditions. When it comes to beaches that are located near a large town, this is simply one of the best you will find. Bournemouth has also become one of the biggest surfing destinations in the United Kingdom. This is mainly due to the construction of the first artificial surf reef in Europe.

2. West Wittering, West Sussex, England

A dune ecosystem that is thriving, outstanding quality of water and expansive sands are just a few of the things that await visitors to West Wittering, which is located close to Chichester. Swimming is safe here because of the fact that the beach shelves at a gentle angle towards the sea. There are also shallow tidal pools that people can relax in during periods of low tide. If you are in the mood for a walk, you can stroll around the area of East Head. This is an area that has a large variety of flora and fauna. It is an ideal place to take some pictures to remember your trip by.

3. Abereiddi Blue Lagoon, Pembrokeshire, Wales

This is not a typical beach. In reality, it is an ancient quarry that also contains a tidal channel that leads directly to the sea. The quarry surrounds a circular pool of water. If you are looking for a romantic spot to take someone special in your life, this would be a good choice. The Blue Lagoon can be accessed by strolling past abandoned quarry buildings and cottages that workers used to live in. This is also a popular area for coasteerers and cliff jumpers.

Holy Island Northumberland - Best UK Beaches: Top 10

4. Holy Island, Northumberland, England

Holy Island is known as one of England’s most beautiful and haunting locations. This was one of the United Kingdom’s earliest centres of Christianity. The tide cuts Holy Island off from the mainland two times each day. There is also a castle and many miles of deserted sand to prevent you from feeling crowded by other people that are there at the same time. Rare birds and grey seals also populate the area.

5. Holkham, Norfolk, England

This beach is secluded and contains many dunes and a scented pine forest. Three miles of beautiful sands await visitors. They are perfect for riding horses and sunbathing. The Queen has also been known to take a stroll here every now and then.

6. Croyde Bay, North Devon, England

If you want to do some surfing in North Devon, this is the place to do it. Croyde Bay is chock full of surf schools. It also contains the crashing waves that surfers love. Even though the area has become more crowded in recent years, the village has managed to keep its charm.

Blackpool Lancashire - Best UK Beaches: Top 10

7. Blackpool, Lancashire, England

Blackpool beach is what many people believe a traditional British seaside to be. Roller coasters, various shows, slot machines, donkey rides, hotels in the seafront and much more await people who pay a visit to Blackpool.

8. Porthcurno, Cornwall, England

This pristine beach has all of the white sand and cliffs that a person could ever want. Visitors can explore rock pools and take a walk along paths at the top of the cliffs. You can also take in a play at the nearby Minack Theatre.

9. West Sands, St. Andrews, Scotland

This famous location for the opening of “Chariots of Fire” is almost two miles long. This beach is located between the legendary Old Course and the lovely sea swirl. An ideal location for a picnic is in the dunes near the beach.

 Sinclairs Bay Caithness - Best UK Beaches: Top 10

10. Sinclair’s Bay, Caithness, Scotland

This is a good beach to visit if you want to escape large crowds. Soft white sand is perfect for a relaxing walk with someone you love. Whales and porpoises can be seen in the area. The beach stretches for four miles.

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