Best Ways to spend your time in London

The dazzling capital of England is a dream city for travelers around the globe. London is home to everything amazing making it a heaven for travelers. You’d be delighted to set your foot in the city, especially if you’re traveling to London for the first time.


Take a look at Top London travel tips and explore what makes London a unique travel destination.

London Double Decker bus

  1. Sightseeing Tour

The city is massive and it’s worth a visit. To ensure you don’t miss on any attractions of London, opt for the sightseeing tours that make you travel around the best spots that you might have missed out otherwise. Along with showing you these attractions, you’ll also have the chance of learning more about the history of this amazing city. Among the most costly among them is the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. The tour is an absolute delight for all the Harry Potter admirers. The tour lasts for approximately seven hours, showing you the making of the film, the Great Hall and Diagon Alley.

You can also explore the city through an open double decker bus. This hop on and hop off tour lets you witness London during the day as well as night time.

Walking and bike tours are also famous but they are only feasible during the limited summer days.

Buckingham Palace Guard

  1. Exploring the history

Your journey to a city is incomplete until you’ve drenched into the history of the destination. London is one of these amazing cities where history can be learned in a fun manner. If you are a royal family lover, touring the Buckingham Palace would be a delight. When you get inside the Palace, you have the chance to visit the 19 executive State rooms. Even if you do not get the chance of exploring Buckingham through the inside, the exterior is equally appealing and majestic. The Guard Mounting Ceremony outside the Palace is worth watching if you make it to the city in the summers.

You might have read about the grim history of the famous Tower of London, a tower of misery and deaths. Take this chance to hear about the bloody tales of the past, the Crown Jewels and the Royal Beasts.

London Eye

  1. Coca-Cola London Eye

Many first time visitors to London ignore the London Eye thinking it must be an ordinary Ferris wheel. It is located in the heart of the city and slowly rotates over River Thames. This observation wheel allows you to view the finest sights of the city, even those that are miles away! This four minute journey can be an excellent start to your time in London. It is a tough choice whether to embark during the day or night time since both the views are unique and amazing!

Windsor Castle

  1. Daytrip to Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge

When visiting a new city, many of us want to explore the maximum we can. If you intend to have a longer stay in London, this is the perfect chance to have a daytrip outside London. Among these day trips, the one to Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge is extremely popular among tourists. The historical Windsor Castle has been accredited for being the Queen’s favorite weekend getaway. Once you’ve explored that, you’ve the chance to visit the mysterious Stonehenge. Whether you believe in any of the theories of why Stonehenge was built, it will impress you a great deal! Spend the final leg of your journey at the Roman Bath and enjoy the marvelous Bath!

Pack your bags and make the most of your trip with the help of top London travel tips!

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