Book Flights to Chengdu to Have an Exceptional Holidaying Experience!

Chengdu is a mystifying tourist destination which will surely bring you closer to the Chinese culture. As everyone knows, traditions of China are a bit different from the typical western culture and this is the reason why most of us want to explore each and every detail about it. If you have booked cheap flights to Chengdu, read this article to know how you could explore the hidden treasures of Chinese culture.

Chengdu city
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Best Time to Visit Chengdu
Chengdu experiences four distinctive seasons and during each season, this city charms you with its own magic. You can book Chengdu flights during March to June and September to November as the climate is unexpectedly favorable for most of the visitors. During the summers, temperature during the days is quite bearable. However, during the nights the mercury drops down to a subtle mark.

Ultimate Places to Visit in Chengdu
Chengdu welcomes you with traditionally styled buildings and tree-covered streets. While touring the city, you will feel enthralled with archetypical homes and warm hospitability of the locals. Those of you who have booked flights to Chengdu must go through this section to have a better knowledge of the places you must not visit while visiting the city.

  • Baoguang Temple

Also termed as the ‘Divine Light’ Temple, the Baouguang Temple is situated in the shades of Xinbdu. Apart from having its religious significance, this temple also has an aesthetic appeal. More than 400 huge pillars erected together to form a single tower, which is a wonder in its own. There are three main worship halls and sixteen courtyards where you can witness some of the finest architecture. Book flights to Chengdu today and have the best time of your life.

  • Chengdu Tea Houses

Chengdu Tea Houses are the prime tourist attraction of the city. All over the city, you will get to see various homes set up over the branches of tree. Nestled accurately on the trees, these homes are as strong as a concrete house. You can visit one of the tree houses and have a lavish time while sipping coffee. Booking cheap flight Chengdu is going to be promising experience for those who make reservations in prior.

  • Mt Qingcheng

Entertaining visitors with some panoramic views, Mt. Qunicheng is the best place to tour around in Chengdu. Surrounded by many other peaks and the main mountain, the city looks awesomely beautiful. The splendid beauty of the mountain makes the city looks like a landscape painted by a senior artist. To have intriguing holidaying experience in China, book Chengdu flights now.

Dining and Shopping Experience

Gorging on some authentic Chinese food in Chengdu, you’ll realize the influence of spices. The food here is too spicy, chilly being the main ingredient. You’ll surely find yourself licking your fingers while tasting food in the city which primarily serves three main cuisines, including the Sichuan Cuisine, Hotpot, and the Snack.

To shop around, hop in the street markets which are full of stalls loaded with every sort of item. No matter what you need at the moment, there is everything available in Chengdu market.

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