Boutique Hotels In Toronto Are A Cut Above The Rest

Toronto is one of the most eclectic and friendliest cities in the world. If you’ve never visited Canada, you might have an image of the country in your head that’s all frozen tundra, maple syrup and polar bears, but the truth is that it’s an amazing country with enormous pockets of cultural diversity and excitement, the largest of which is located in Toronto.

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As if the promise of excitement and amazing culture wasn’t enough, an enormous segment of the city’s population consists of people who were born outside Canada, making Toronto the most diverse city in North America – something that only adds to the amazing diversity and excitement of the city. A tourist can journey across the world just by walking through some of Toronto’s major neighbourhoods, with their wide variety of cuisine and culture. No other city rivals Toronto when it comes to the arts, theatre and live music either. In short, if you’re looking for a thrilling vacation destination, this is it.

One of the best ways to experience all that Toronto has to offer is by staying in a boutique hotel during your time there. Over the past 15 years, boutique hotels have burst onto the scene as a fascinating alternative to the drab sameness of chain hotels. Boutique hotels are small in size, usually featuring no more than 100 rooms and no less than 10. The coziness and intimacy created by these spaces, which usually offer unique décor and luxurious facilities that reflect the local culture, let guests experience a unique version of what life is like in that particular city.

Boutique hotels feature a variety of amenities, and often also feature facilities for things like art shows or even live music, in an attempt to showcase the variety of things their city has to offer. In Toronto, one of the most popular and successful examples of this boutique hotel trend can be seen in the form of the Drake Hotel (, an original location in which there’s never a dull moment, since there’s always something new and exciting going on in the building. From free neighbourhood breakfasts to art exhibits to live concerts and DJ dance parties, all kinds of entertainment blend together in this one unique location, helping guests and locals alike to explore everything Toronto’s amazing artistic culture has to offer.

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Another feature that makes The Drake Hotel stand out is that each solo room, crash pad, or den (as the rooms are called) is full of style and personality. The original artwork, the cheerful wall colors and unique furniture will ensure that guests feel as thrilled by their rooms as they are by the city around them. This is one of the things that makes boutique hotels so special – the rooms themselves are just as important as the experience they engender, and the homey, cozy living environment is one that guests will remember long after they’ve gone home.

When you visit Toronto, you know from the second you step off your plane that you’re in a city unlike any other you’ve ever seen. Enjoy the full range of what it has to offer by choosing to stay in a hotel that offers the same amazing cultural experience that characterizes the city itself. By staying in a boutique hotel, you can be sure your vacation is one you will never forget.

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