Break Away from the Crowds—5 Spectacular Things to Do in the LA Area

Los Angeles is home to many world-famous attractions, but there are other fun things to do that are less popular. Venturing off the beaten path will be a great way for you to experience a different side of the city and the surrounding area while still having the fulfilling vacation of your dreams. Here are five spectacular things to do in the LA area if you want to beat the crowds.

Skydive - Break Away from the Crowds—5 Spectacular Things to Do in the LA Area

Head to Runyon Canyon

This canyon encompasses many of the finest aspects of nature and will make you feel as though you’ve escaped to a wilderness paradise without having to venture far outside the city. Hollywood, Beverly Hills and other thriving communities are adjacent to Runyon Canyon, and you’ll have the chance to go hiking and see some of the most spectacular views of the Los Angeles city skyline when you hike through Runyon Canyon Park. Unique and quirky shops and restaurants can also be found along the roads that run through the canyon.

Explore the Haunted Places

If you’re up for some spooky thrills, exploring some of LA’s notable places where ghost hauntings are rumored to occur will be an exciting choice. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and Silent Movie Theatre are among the best places to explore. You can also head to nearby Pasadena to check out the allegedly haunted Colorado Street Bridge.

Go Skydiving

One of the best ways to get a bird’s-eye view of LA is to go skydiving. Choosing to skydive over the city will give you the opportunity to see city buildings, rolling hills and marvelous ocean views without any visual obstructions. You can choose to jump while connected to a skydiving expert who knows how to deploy a parachute and land on the ground safely.

Stroll Along the Venice Canals

Located in the city of Venice, CA just steps away from iconic Venice Beach, these canals are reminiscent of European waterways and are lined with luxurious and unique homes. Bridges over the canals allow you to cross from one side to the other with ease. Best of all, the walkways along these canals are often not crowded with pedestrians.

Paddle on Echo Park Lake

In the Echo Park neighborhood, you’ll find a lake with the same name where you can rent a paddle boat and take a ride along the water. Water shooting up in the middle of the lake to create a geyser-like effect adds to the lake’s visual appeal. After your paddle boat ride, you can stay at the park to enjoy a leisurely picnic.

Going off the beaten path will definitely be worth your while in LA. When you visit these places, whether you skydive or paddle your boat, you’ll wonder why more people haven’t taken the time to discover them for themselves.

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