Budget Traveling to the Land Down Under

Australia is an excellent holiday destination. However it’s really pricey, and due to its sheer distance from most countries, the airfare alone is enough for people to consider going to other places. And because of the distance, at least a week is required to wear off the jetlag and have proper time to tour it. So a holiday in Australia normally lasts around 2 weeks, which would add to the cost. This article is here to help you save money on your trip to Australia ensuring that you stay in budget.

Sydney Australia - Budget Traveling to the Land Down Under

Remain Focused: Australia is huge and you cannot possible expect to see it in a couple of weeks. So don’t attempt to. Spend time beforehand deciding what you want to see. If you like the city culture you’ll want to visit the major cities. If you’re an adventure traveler you’ll want to visit their famous hiking locations and the outback.

A good choice is Sydney if you want to do both – apart from being a major Australian city, it has the Blue Mountain Range a couple of hours from it. It is a superb hiking spot. And best of all after it you can return to enjoy the Sydney night life. Another economical way of seeing Australia is through a cruise. Some of them cost less than $100 and have food, entertainment and transportation included within this price tag.

Getting there: The biggest cost of the entire trip is usually the airfare. Look extensively online for economical ticket prices and Australia Travel deals. Virgin Australia is a good choice of airline for a roundtrip between the US and Australia. It has the best prices. Also try to go during the offseason when ticket prices are cheaper. Avoid visiting it during the summer which is between December and February in Australia.

Try a few freebies: Many tourist attractions do not require an entry fee. These include places like Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens and Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Look up such places, these are interesting and don’t cost you a dime. There’s also the option of a discount card such as the iVenture card. This allows you to enter many attractions for free and offers major discounts on others – all for a single price.

The Exchange: Currency exchange rates are varying all the time, and sometimes they may not be in your favor. Prepay the hotels from back home so that you don’t end up paying extra because the rate spiked up a little on the day you had to make your payment. A good idea is to prepay them when the rates are lesser than average. You’ll have to keep a close watch on them though but then again, who said saying money was easy?

Eat Locally: Instead of consuming the overpriced food at the hotel, eat from the local grocery store. Buy the items you need and make a sandwich. Or ask the locals about the most economical place to eat. They’ll guide you.

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