Business Travel Feeling Like Home

Traveling for business can be difficult, with small, cramped hotel rooms, maid service that knocks on the door while you are in the middle of an important conference call and noisy guests in hallways as you try to work. There is another option, however, to the inconvenience of a hotel – a short-term apartment rental. Apartment rentals are available for available for days or even weeks to those who prefer spending time away from home while feeling like they are still in a house.

Homestyle Suites

Less Expensive

Many times short-term apartment rentals are significantly less expensive than renting a hotel room. One reason for the lower cost may be that apartment rentals often do not include maid or room service, although some do offer a cleaning service during the stay. Because the apartment rentals contain full kitchens, food costs are lower as you are able to visit a local grocery store and purchase items to make home-cooked meals rather than eating out for each meal.

Better Location

Chain hotels where business travelers normally stay are often located in commercial areas, and the options for food are usually fast food or chain restaurants. Short-term apartments are often located in residential areas with access to local restaurants, shopping locations and other amenities that may not exist near a chain hotel. Residential areas also provide better options for fitness enthusiasts, as walking and running areas are more readily available. There is also the possibility that the apartment may be located within walking distance of shopping, food and other attractions, reducing the need for a rental car.

Better Amenities

Although the apartment may not have typical hotel amenities, such as room service or daily maid service, many of them offer amenities that chain hotels do not, such as plasma screen televisions, private hot tubs or pool tables. Purchasing snacks or sodas for a private kitchen is far less expensive than purchasing them from a hotel soda machine, as is taking ice out of your own freezer as opposed to a huge machine that thousands of other guests are using.

The next time you must travel for business, consider a short-term rental at places like Homestyle Suites for a less-expensive, more relaxed and pleasant travel experience.

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