Business Travel Has Never Been Easier- Tips For A Perfect Trip

Trips are always special experience. From planning the trip itself, to “traveling fever” and in the end, business trips can be very stressful. Business travel has never been easier- tips for a perfect trip.

Business travel - Business Travel Has Never Been Easier- Tips For A Perfect Trip

We bring you 8 suggestions how to travel smart and safe, and make your stay a pleasant experience, more similar to your vacation.

  1. Inform!

First rule: Do your homework. A couple of hours spent on Google as well as adequate literature can be a lifesaver. That way you can prepare for all the tourist traps and find some little treasure which you can squeeze into your schedule.

  1. Jet lag!

It is very important to have a good rest before the trip and prepare for a possible, very much unliked, jet lag. Jet lag is a reaction of the body to the major change of time zones. It has been proven that the jet lag is harder to people on their way back than those who are in the early days of their trip.

  1. Be careful with luggage

Statistics show that transport companies roughly and uncaringly handle six out of thousand bags, which actually is not that big of a number. However, minimize the possibility of your luggage being found in the ‘mistreated’ group. First, invest in a quality bag, preferably some with vibrant colors. In fact, most of the suitcases are black, and thieves have proven that it is much more possible to get your baggage stolen if it does not stand out. Also magentas will certainly reduce the chance that some other passenger mistakenly walk out with your suitcase. Also, do not forget to stick a piece of paper with your name, address and phone number on the outside and the inside of your luggage.

  1. Bring your papers!

Believe it or not, an address book with all the business contacts can come in handy. For example, if your laptop’s battery is dead, you don’t need to panic because you will have your contacts on paper. Always try to bring promotional gifts of the company you represent with you, this way your potential client will have a better insight in what your company stands for.

  1. If you are traveling by plane, drink plenty of water

Did you know that the air on the plane is very dry? Lack of moisture in the air can cause dehydration, so it is important that you drink a lot of water the day before your journey, also during your journey, and the day after. Unfortunately, sipping delicious drinks such as coffee or alcohol will only make things worse, so until you reach your destination hold on to the good old water.

  1. Take advantage of a traffic jam or delay of the flight in the best way

In an era characterized by record numbers of passengers, overbooking and nightmare safety measures, delays have become a routine. If it makes you feel better, you are not the only business passengers stuck in the jam. Why don’t you connect with other people? If new acquaintances have no prospect, you can practice your communication skills and meet interesting people. Make a habit of carrying one or two books on your travel and use that time to read.

  1. Find an appropriate accommodation

As experts advises, suites are less depressed and less cold than the hotel rooms, but make sure that the chosen accommodation includes a ‘business-friendly’ features such as unlimited access to the Internet and walls with at least decent sound insulation.

  1. Don’t forget the golden rule of technical issues

Make photocopies of personal documents (ID cards, passports, driving licenses, health cards, even credit cards), because if you accidentally lose them or they get stolen, it will be easier to file a complaint to the police. Check the exchange rate and whether it is worth more to change money in your own country or the country you are traveling to. It’s always better to have at least some foreign money, for the first day. Ask about the roaming, which mobile network is ‘domestic’ and cheaper, and which is more expensive.

It doesn’t matter whether you go on a business trip that lasts only one or even 15 days. It is important that you maintain a professional and refined look at all times and a friendly attitude towards co-workers and colleagues. In this case, set aside all things you usually do when you travel privately. You know you’re going on a trip to do some work, not on a vacation.

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