Carmona And Its Special Air

Discovering Carmona
Carmona is not a very big town, but it is an extremely picturesque one that can easily be recognized once you see the beautiful tower dating back to the 15th century and belonging to the amazing San Pedro Church. What is very unique and original about this tower is that it tries to imitate the famous and popular Giralda. It seems like the tower is the one that sets the tone in Carmona, as this town resembles a lot with the outstanding Seville, both in which concerns the history and the architecture.

San Pedro Church
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Carmona and its attractions
The San Pedro Church is probably the best departure point for those who want to explore the town. The Church became famous thanks to its beautiful sacristy built in an amazing Baroque style. Your next stop should be at the Seville Gate, a Moorish construction that offers tourists a magnificent view. Carmona also has an Old Town, a piece of history fortified with not less than 4 kilometers of walls that guard the narrow streets, the Renaissance mansions and the amazing Mudejar churches.

The San Fernando Square is another big attraction in Carmona; even though it is not a dominating square, it has a very special charm due to the fact that it is packed with fantastic buildings that show a very unique Mudejar style. The ridge of Carmona is dominated by the ruins of the Alcazar built by Pedro, a wonderful Alcazar that was destroyed by an earthquake in 1504. The Cordoba Gate dates back to the time of the Romans and it marks the road leading to Cordoba, dropping down to a vast but picturesque plain.

The cypress trees create the distinctive mark for Carmona and breathtaking landscapes for those who have the luck to be there, in the beautiful Spanish town, enjoying a few relaxing days. At the shade of these cypress trees tourists are impressed by around 900 tombs, dating back to the 2nd century BC. Many of the old funeral urns are still intact, which is absolutely unbelievable and impressive, as they practically represent pieces of our history.

Carmona city
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Those who want to spend a few days in Carmona should not worry about accommodation. A very good option is represented by the Alcazar de Reina Hotel, located in a spectacular Mudejar building. Another wonderful option is the Rincon de Descalzas, a hotel that attracts with its flowered patios and with the paths that smell like orange blossoms.

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