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Reasons to Move to Morocco

Lots of people picture erroneously assume that the Middle East is a festering dust pit that is rife with violence and despair.

Meeting the mountain gorillas: a truly unforgettable trip

If you were one of the many people overwhelmed by David Attenborough’s 1979 encounter with mountain gorillas in Rwanda …

4 Things You Need to Know Before your Trip to South Africa

What images does South Africa conjure up when you imagine a trip to this diverse country? Safaris, adventure, wine, or bustling cities? South Africa is all these things and more. It is also a relatively easy country

Some Cool and Unique Hotels in Cape Town

Cape Town is a small place which can make your summer vacation quite memorable. It offers wonderful hosting. Because it has different hotels which provide excellent luxurious environment.

Adventuress Africa – Harare & Lagos

A brief description of the two African cities with recommendations as to the places a tourist can go to.

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