Summer Hacks You Should Know Morocco Holiday

Do you feel that time is passing too fast? I mean it’s already August here and some of us haven’t enjoyed Summer holidays yet. So, pack your bags and plan your Summer Morocco Holidays. Well, it should be properly planned and as it is quite hot out there, one has to avoid too much heat and humidity too.  There are multiple things you can choose to do in Morocco like enjoying on the beach, table adventure is always on and last but not the least lots of shopping. Traveling hacks are also quite important. No matter how expert you’re but things will be very different at the time too.

Hassan II Mosque Casablanca Morocco - Summer Hacks You Should Know Morocco Holiday

Holidays Hack to Apply with or Without Any Vacation Plan

If you’re a traveler already, you might know many of the hacks but summers always bring laziness along. You can stay fresh by just getting little more careful about your routine and following the best of it. Continue reading “Summer Hacks You Should Know Morocco Holiday”

Reasons to Move to Morocco

Lots of people picture erroneously assume that the Middle East is a festering dust pit that is rife with violence and despair. While there are indeed countries with enormous problems in the region (after all, those migrants are not leaving for nothing), the truth is in fact a lot more varied. Many countries in the region are doing quite well, though, and are have more progressive cultures that are welcome to ideologically diverse populations. One particular country that is popular amongst travelers is Morocco. However, Morocco isn’t just a great country to travel to, but also is a terrific country to live in. If you’ve been thinking of living in another place for a while, then here are several great reasons to move to Morocco…

Essaouira Morocco - Reasons to Move to Morocco

Growing industrial powerhouse

In terms of economic development, Morocco is one of the premiere countries in Africa. Recently, the Oxford Business Group actually conducted a report that praised the economic growth that Morocco was bringing to the region. This growth is driven by an economy that has rewarded diversification, rather than too many investments in oil and energy, which is something that has plagued the economies of other Northern African countries in recent years. Indeed, industry remains strong in Morocco, as it is one of the forefront countries of construction and development in the world. As a matter of fact, cities like Casablanca and Marrakech are becoming centers for construction technology. One such tech industry leader, GlobalSim, even constructed the largest crane simulator in the world in Casablanca, for example. Continue reading “Reasons to Move to Morocco”

Marrakech’s Most Versatile and Delicious Street Food

When you think of Morocco and Marrakesh in terms of food or drink, do you think about spicy tagines, couscous and maybe a nice refreshing mint tea? Although these are flavoursome dishes that are recognised as Moroccan cuisine around the world, there’s so much more to taste in Marrakech!

marrakesh 447x268 - Marrakech's Most Versatile and Delicious Street Food

Marrakesh has some of the most wonderful tasting street food, that not only offers a variety of flavours and recipes, but they can also take you on an adventure around the city – something restaurants can’t do. To give you an idea of what to expect when you travel to Marrakesh, take a look at some of the more interesting dishes on offer. Continue reading “Marrakech’s Most Versatile and Delicious Street Food”

Beach holiday vs active holiday…

Looking for a holiday but torn between a week sunbathing or a more adventurous holiday? Well of course, there are pros and cons to both types of holiday and which you choose depends very much on your personality and personal tastes…

Kitesurfing Dakhla Morocco - Beach holiday vs active holiday…

If you’ve got a high-powered, stressful job then a beach holiday where you have little more to worry about than when to take a dip in the pool and when to get changed for cocktails might be just what the doctor ordered. Make sure it’s truly relaxing and remember to turn your phone off and leave your Blackberry and laptop at home! Continue reading “Beach holiday vs active holiday…”

Choose Morocco For An Action-Packed Holiday

Fancy a break with a difference this year? If you are after more than the usual sun, sea and sand, then an action-packed holiday in Morocco could be just the ticket!

Kitesurfing - Choose Morocco For An Action-Packed Holiday

Of course, there is still plenty of sun, sea and sand in Morocco. Located in North Africa, Morocco is renowned for its wonderfully sunny climate and summers in Morocco can get very hot indeed. The best time to visit is generally the spring or autumn months, when the temperatures range from 24-30C. In summer Moroccan temperatures can reach around 38C, although coastal areas are cooler and usually average around 28C. Winter time generally sees average temperatures in Morocco of around 16-19C, but the weather can be unpredictable. Continue reading “Choose Morocco For An Action-Packed Holiday”