4 Things You Need to Know Before your Trip to South Africa

What images does South Africa conjure up when you imagine a trip to this diverse country? Safaris, adventure, wine, or bustling cities? South Africa is all these things and more. It is also a relatively easy country to navigate and get around, plus the language barrier is removed as much of the population speaks English. But there are still some useful things to consider before you set off on your trip of a lifetime to South Africa. Here are some tips to make sure your vacation goes as planned.

South Africa   Family Safari - 4 Things You Need to Know Before your Trip to South Africa

1. Visa Requirements

If you are visiting for less than 90 days it is likely you won’t need a visa, depending on which country you are from. You must have at least 30 days left on your passport when you enter. Before you travel, check the need for a visa with the South African embassy in your country. Continue reading “4 Things You Need to Know Before your Trip to South Africa”

Some Cool and Unique Hotels in Cape Town

Cape Town is a small place which can make your summer vacation quite memorable. It offers wonderful hosting. Because it has different hotels which provide excellent luxurious environment. I had to prepare a research on these hotels, and fortunately my some close friend residing there. So he helped me a lot. And provided me full details about cool hotels of Cape Town. When I started to conduct research, I extremely desired to visit that hotels and luckily I got a chance to visit and completed my research.

Lange Baan Houseboat 447x311 - Some Cool and Unique Hotels in Cape Town
Image: houseboating.co.za

Lange Baan Houseboats:

One luxurious hotel was Lange Baan Houseboats which was located on the coast of Cape Town. This was quite large area which can easily accommodate 5-6 groups. If population is more than 6 groups, than they can hire the lower and upper halves of Nirvana. Boats are two in number and equipped with excellent facilities of dining and kitchen. Sleeping facilities were also quite luxurious and the charges were quite affordable. Continue reading “Some Cool and Unique Hotels in Cape Town”

Adventuress Africa – Harare & Lagos

Africa is a renowned tourist destination mostly because of the exposure to wildlife and the great safari experiences. However, little do we know that Africa does have a couple of highly advanced and developed cities such as Harare and Lagos. Harare – formerly known as Salisbury – is the capital of Zimbabwe and the seat of the government. It is the centre of Zimbabwe’s major activities and the source of its strength. Lagos is a Nigerian port city with the country’s highest concentration of population.

Walk on the Wild Side in Zimbabwe 447x268 - Adventuress Africa - Harare & Lagos

There is a multitude of activities waiting for you in Harare, with different magnitudes, depending on your mood. If you’re in the mood for shopping; visit the Doon Estate Design Quarter, located in the Msasa Industrial area. This little shopping village is a must visit  for travelers hunting for good quality souvenirs, the collective of shops selling a range of locally handmade jewelry, furniture, fabric, arts & crafts, and sculpture. Don’t miss Ros Byrne’s beautiful handmade pottery, Kudhinda’s potato printed fabrics, the hot chocolate at Veldemeer’s chocolate shop, or the vervet monkeys running across the roofs. Continue reading “Adventuress Africa – Harare & Lagos”

Marrakech’s Most Versatile and Delicious Street Food

When you think of Morocco and Marrakesh in terms of food or drink, do you think about spicy tagines, couscous and maybe a nice refreshing mint tea? Although these are flavoursome dishes that are recognised as Moroccan cuisine around the world, there’s so much more to taste in Marrakech!

marrakesh 447x268 - Marrakech's Most Versatile and Delicious Street Food
Photo: runawayjane.com

Marrakesh has some of the most wonderful tasting street food, that not only offers a variety of flavours and recipes, but they can also take you on an adventure around the city – something restaurants can’t do. To give you an idea of what to expect when you travel to Marrakesh, take a look at some of the more interesting dishes on offer. Continue reading “Marrakech’s Most Versatile and Delicious Street Food”

Best of Galilee

While the larger cities tend to receive a lot more attention, the region known as Galilee is a goldmine of sights and experiences that are sure to please both the avid history buff and the curious traveler. And there’s no shortage of a number of the most beautiful hotels in Israel. Here are some of the best, and perhaps most unexpected, things to do in Galilee.

Jerusalem 447x299 - Best of Galilee

Hiking Along the Nahal Farod

Plan your visit to the Nahal Farod stream for the late winter or early spring, otherwise there may not be much to see besides desolate, cracked earth. Yet a trip here in the wet season will give you a wonderful guide in the Nahal Farod, which offers plenty of picturesque picnicking stops and eventually brings you to two lovely waterfalls. With its gentle hike, plus nearby lodging, mini-golf and ice cream, this is also a wonderful spot to bring the whole family. Continue reading “Best of Galilee”