What else do you need to know about desert safari Dubai?

Have you ever thought that how a barren land can be proved a place for tourist attractions and for a lot of cool and unique activities which are very famous in this modern era? I guess you must have visited a desert full of all sorts of activities, and if not then you don’t have to worry about that. You are at the correct site if you want to know about what are the activities that desert can offer.

Let me start with the first activity

Camel riding - What else do you need to know about desert safari Dubai?

Camel riding:
It is the first activity that is preferred here. As it is a kind of ride which makes you see the desert safari with a wider angle and you will suddenly realize how beautiful a desert can be. First, you will be guided that how you have to ride a camel then only you will be allowed to sit on it. Continue reading “What else do you need to know about desert safari Dubai?”

Trip to northeastern India – an ideal place for a romantic honeymoon

Northeast India is considered as ideal romantic getaways for honeymoon couples and sadly which is mostly overlooked. Northeast India offers some of the most exotic destinations which promise a loving honeymoon to newlywed couple amid the pleasant weather, lush greenery, immense serenity as well as cool breeze. There are many captivating northeast destinations which present required peace and seclusion needed by honeymoon couples. You can plan your northeast tours easily by choosing some cheap honeymoon & romantic packages in India. We have listed some perfect north east destinations for a memorable honeymoon in India:

Gangtok - Trip to northeastern India – an ideal place for a romantic honeymoon

Gangtok is one of the most beautiful northeast destinations for romantic honeymoons as it is located amid the high Himalayan peaks at an altitude of 1700 meters. It is the perfect destination for newly married couples as it offers picture-perfect landscape, pleasant weather along with several entertainment options to. There are much northeast best honeymoon & romantic packages available online to make your trip exciting and well planned. Gangtok has many options for visitors as the place is full of Gompas, stupas, and gardens. Couples can enjoy by strolling around the lush tea plantations and can spend some romantic moments with their better half.

Top attractions in Gangtok
• Rumtek Monastery
• Pemayangtse Monastery
• Banjhakri Waterfalls
• Nathula Pass
• Tsomgo Lake

Things to do in Gangtok
• Yak Ride
• Gangtok Cable car
• Paragliding
• White river rafting
• Kanchendzonga National park

Best time to visit Gangtok
However, Gangtok experiences pleasant environment all year round. You can book your tickets by choosing some of the India Honeymoon & Romantic packages at the time of October to June as it is the best time to visit this place.

Darjeeling - Trip to northeastern India – an ideal place for a romantic honeymoon

Darjeeling is known to be one of the top hill stations in India and also an ideal place for perfect honeymoons. It comes in the list of the most beautiful place to go for honeymoon in northeast India. The place offers not only beautiful tea plantations but also gives many beautiful and captivating attractions. You should plan to visit Darjeeling to explore the colorful and perfect blend of Sikkimese and Tibetan cultures. Just enjoy a toy train ride with your partner and experience the most breathtaking views of majestic mountain peaks.

Major tourist attractions in Darjeeling
• Happy tea valley estate
• Batasia Loop
• Toy Train
• Cable car
• Peace Pagoda
• Zoological Park
• Ghoom Monastery

Things to do in Darjeeling
• Trekking in Chattakpur, Singalika
• Paragliding
• Rafting
• Hiking

Best time to visit Darjeeling
You should plan to visit Darjeeling in summer season as during this time the weather is cool and pleasant. In summers boo the tickets by choosing the best honeymoon packages for perfect sightseeing.

Trekking loving honeymoon - Trip to northeastern India – an ideal place for a romantic honeymoon

Tawang is considered as the quiet hill station of Arunachal Pradesh and the perfect place for loving honeymoons. The town is popular for its breathtaking and unexplored charm and displays the perfect blend of Tibetan and Buddhist food, culture and lifestyle. It is the best trekking destination of northeast and promises to offer great experiences to visitors specifically trekkers. There are many best honeymoon packages available so that you can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. It is the must-visit destination especially for honeymoon couples to enjoy their loving honeymoon peacefully. If you wish to soak yourself in the natural beauty, then Tawang is the best option.

Attractions in Tawang
• Bong Bong waterfall
• Sela Pass
• Tawang Monastery

Things to do in Tawang
• Trekking
• Shopping
• Tawang Monastery

Best time to visit Tawang
You can plan your visit to Tawang amid the months of March and October as Twang experiences cool and pleasant climate during these months.

Himalayan Mountains - Trip to northeastern India – an ideal place for a romantic honeymoon

Pelling is a scenic place well known for its tranquility which sets at an elevation of 2150 meters. It is the best destination for honeymoon couples as it offers excellent views of the Himalayan Mountains. The destination is not only rich in panoramic views but also has a rich history. To experience beauty and peacefulness of Pelling choose some of the best Honeymoon & Romantic packages in India. It is said to be one of the best places to go for loving honeymoons. You can also enjoy many attractions here with your family and friends. The place has many options to give to make your trip memorable.

Attractions in Pelling
• Sangachoeling
• Pemayansgtse Monastery
• Kchehepalri Lake
• Sangay waterfall
• Rabdantsey Ruins

Things to do in Pelling
• Mountain biking
• Trekking
• Skiing
• Shopping

Best time to visit Pelling
You can plan a trip to Pelling during summer and winter months as at this time destination is filled with visitors.

Ravangla Buddha - Trip to northeastern India – an ideal place for a romantic honeymoon

Ravangla is known to be one of the best honeymoon destinations in the northeast. It is the most beautiful Indian destination owing to its location which sets at an altitude of 7000 ft. the place offers unmatched views of Greater Himalayas, and the beauty is truly unmatched. Many honeymoon couples book prefer best and cheap Honeymoon & Romantic packages in India to enjoy some time amid the natural beauty as well as tranquility. The place offers many attractions and promises to make the trip memorable.

Attractions in Ravangla
• Bonn Monastery
• Ralong Monastery
• Kewzing
• Rayong Sunrise viewpoint

Things to do in Ravangla
• Trekking
• Hiking
• Khangchendzonga

Best time to visit Ravangla
Best time to visit Ravangla is in the months of March, April, and May as the weather is favorable at this time of the year. To enjoy culture, tourism and crafts plan your visit to Ravangla by selecting the best Honeymoon & Romantic packages in India.

Shillong Lake - Trip to northeastern India – an ideal place for a romantic honeymoon

Shillong is the picturesque destination of northeast and perfect for honeymoon couples. The place offers serene lakes, lush greenery, and cascading waterfalls and is known as Scotland of the East. It is one of the places in India which everyone wants to explore as it is truly blessed with the beauty of nature. It has many peaks. Waterfalls and lakes to which attracts tourist from all over the world.

Attractions in Shillong
• Shillong peak
• Elephant Falls
• Wards Lake
• Sweet falls

Things to do in Shillong
• Mountain Biking
• Cycling
• Trekking
• Watersports
• Shopping

Best time to visit Shillong
You can plan your trip to shilling during post monsoons as well as winters. At this time the weather is quite pleasant and sunny which is ideal for sightseeing too.

Northeast comprises some beautiful hill stations along with wonderful natural beauty, and so is the perfect place to enjoy a peaceful and memorable honeymoon couples.

Ein Insider Einblick in Indiens Kulturerbe

Vom nördlichsten Punkt bis zum äußersten Süden ist Indien mit göttlichen natürlichen und vom Menschen geschaffenen Kreationen ausgestattet, die mit ihrer faszinierenden Schönheit und Gelassenheit die Aufmerksamkeit der Welt auf sich gezogen haben. Es wäre unangemessen, es als Ausrede zu bezeichnen, eher als zwingenden Grund, Indien mit einem indischen Visum indien zu besuchen und zu sehen, wie diese magischen Orte ihre Geheimnisse vor Ihnen enträtseln. Im Folgenden sind einige der großartigen Orte aufgelistet, die Bewunderung erwecken.

Ein Insider Einblick in Indiens Kulturerbe - Ein Insider Einblick in Indiens Kulturerbe

Sonnentempel, Konark: Der im indischen Bundesstaat Odisha gelegene Konark Sonnentempel ist eines der beliebtesten Touristenziele. An der Küste des Golfs von Bengalen gelegen, wurde dieser Tempel in der Form eines Chariot von Surya, dem Sonnengott mit 24 Rädern, gebaut. Die symbolischen Steingravuren, die von sechs Pferden angeführt werden, täuschen vor, als wären wir in die mythische Zeit zurückgekehrt. Dazu kommt noch eine fesselnde Geschichte über die Entstehung dieses Tempels. Es heißt, der einstige König habe mit dem Bau des Tempels zwölfhundert Arbeiter beschäftigt. Als der Tempel fertig war, wurden den Arbeitern die Hände abgehackt und zwar aus dem berüchtigten Grund, diese Arbeiter nie wieder mit solch einer Finesse ein Denkmal bauen zu lassen. Diese Geschichte liegt der wunderbare Architektur dieses Tempels zugrunde. Continue reading “Ein Insider Einblick in Indiens Kulturerbe”

4 Unexplored Hill Stations near Delhi within 5 Hour Drive

Talking about the hill stations in India, you will need a lifetime to explore all of the phenomenal scenic landscapes. Yes, the count goes over 80! However, if you are a Delhiite or often visit the capital city, there’s a chance you can have plenty of them covered over some travel expeditions. There are several hill stations spread around the city within a range of 400-500 kilometers. Getting bored on weekends? Escape to any of the beautiful hill stations near Delhi within 5 hours drive. After all, the week-offs are all yours!

Badri Mountain - 4 Unexplored Hill Stations near Delhi within 5 Hour Drive

Don’t worry as we have got your back with our top picks of the hill stations near Delhi. Continue reading “4 Unexplored Hill Stations near Delhi within 5 Hour Drive”

The Most Exhilarating Water Activities In Komodo Island

Every tourist who is serious about exploring this world has stepped foot on the Komodo Islands at least once in their search for adventure. The islands are amongst the popular tourist destinations around the world. When people think of these islands, they usually think of the Komodo dragons.

Komodo Dragon - The Most Exhilarating Water Activities In Komodo Island

Yes, these animals are truly a wonder, but the dragons are not the only attraction that brings tourists from all over the world to the islands. After all, taking a selfie with the animals is quite easy, and quick. You will be left with a lot of time on your hands- time you can use to explore the other major attractions of the islands. Continue reading “The Most Exhilarating Water Activities In Komodo Island”