Foods you should not miss during your China visit

Chinese cuisine is a favorite with majority of people. This is because of the fact that Chinese foods have amazing tastes and flavors, thanks to the use of varieties of sauces in the different preparations. However, when you visit China, you will see that the ‘Chinese’ dishes which you enjoyed thoroughly in your home country are not available in the country! Basically the ‘Chinese’ food that we are used to is not authentic Chinese. Some variations are made to the cuisine to make it appealing and tempting to the local people in the country.

Peking Roasted Duck - Foods you should not miss during your China visit

When you visit China, you should definitely try their authentic cuisine so that you can understand the difference. You can then come back to your country and tell your local Chinese restaurant about the authentic dishes which you enjoyed in China. Here are some of the Chinese dishes with which you are sure to fall in love during your China visit: Continue reading “Foods you should not miss during your China visit”

5 Excellent Reasons to Visit China

China is a diverse nation that is steeped in history and culture. It is home to a wide range of natural and manmade attractions which draw in the tourists crowds year after year. When planning your next adventure to this amazing country, here are five of the top spots you will not want to miss out on.

The Great Wall - 5 Excellent Reasons to Visit China

The Great Wall

By far the most renowned attraction in China, the Great Wall stretches for thousands of kilometres. It is most easily accessed from Beijing although you can also go to other more distant spots to avoid the tourist crowds if you like. One of the more common activities is to take a hike along a stretch of wall so you can take in the nearby mountain scenery as well. You can do this alone or with a group. Continue reading “5 Excellent Reasons to Visit China”

Introducing you to Central Hong Kong

The Central District of Hong Kong is becoming extremely popular. It is the financial hub of the region, yet it has a lot more to offer than this. There is a lot to see and do in the area. If you keep reading you will discover why this place has become such a hotspot…

Central Hong Kong 447x297 - Introducing you to Central Hong Kong

There are lots of unique attractions to explore whilst visiting this part of Hong Kong. A lot of people take the trip to the Mid Levels Escalators; these are the longest of their kind in the entire world. Aside from this other popular attractions include; the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, as well as the world famous Victoria Peak and Peak Tram. The latter allows you to witness the most incredible view of Victoria Harbour. You simply cannot go to Central District without ticking this off your to-do list. Continue reading “Introducing you to Central Hong Kong”

How to Enjoy Hong Kong on a Budget

Hong Kong is a country which has something for everyone. You can easily empty your bank account in a few days, whilst you can also live and enjoy the country as if you had only a few dollars to your name. Currently, there are no budget long-haul flights to the country – so you could struggle here – but once you’re there it’s one of the best countries to enjoy on a budget.

Tai Chi 447x335 - How to Enjoy Hong Kong on a Budget

Free Classic Hong Kong Experiences

For the particularly thrifty, you can enjoy a number of common cultural pursuits completely free of charge. Tai Chi is the main example of this. They’re open to visitors and residents alike. It’s a free workout which involves controlling your movements and monitoring the way you breathe. Continue reading “How to Enjoy Hong Kong on a Budget”

To China And Back – Traveling Guide Information and Tips

We have come upon on a traveling-related article according to which China is still one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The big interest about this extra ordinary and ancient country comes from its rich culture, mysterious historical range of great events and tragedy epochs, and the beautiful nature, as well. On the other side, the fast growth and progressive development of the urbanization and the modernization among most of the industrial and contemporary cities in China leave the impression that this country may change and transform all the time, but the power and the uniqueness behind it are endless and eternal.

Yu Garden Shanghai China - To China And Back - Traveling Guide Information and Tips

To China and Back is not a typical article that is devoted to all of the enthusiasts, who would like to visit the red-dragon country. General traveling guide information and significant tips may be found all around the web. However, what we would like to influence you by making you reading this article, is to value of the great abundance that China offers, when it comes to fascinating architecture masterpieces, luxury and traditional vacation homes, brilliant pieces of art in the galleries and the museums, and the integral enigmatic air that is spread in each little or big Chinese district and region. We are presenting to you an improvised route through the most gorgeous and impressing places and landmarks in China by giving the most important tip – do not go to China with any expectations and respect any extra ordinary and different thing that you see here. Continue reading “To China And Back – Traveling Guide Information and Tips”