Touring Japan: Getting off the Beaten Path

Japan may be a tiny island chain, but it’s filled to bursting with the most diverse and exciting sightseeing that you’ve ever experienced. I lived in Japan for three years growing up. I was lucky enough to experience a wide diversity of locales and experiences. I hiked through a caldera on Miyake-jima, viewed the ice festival in Hokkaido, listened to a firsthand account of the atomic bomb drop in Hiroshima, and bathed in traditional public baths without a stitch on. And yet, there are still things that I add to my list of things to visit in Japan. Apparently even three years wasn’t enough.

Tokyo Japan - Touring Japan: Getting off the Beaten Path

That’s why it makes me a little sad when people visiting Japan only do classic tourist things. I’ll hear over and over again about the Shibuya Scramble crossing, or the Tokyo Tower, or Ghibli Museum. But Japan is so much more! Continue reading “Touring Japan: Getting off the Beaten Path”

How to Have Fun in Tokyo Without Spending a Single Yen

Tokyo is a city full of non-stop fun, offering a fascinating blend of super-advanced technology and trends along with ancient traditions from past centuries. From futuristic robots to ornate temples and everything in between, the Japanese capital will always bewilder, amaze and delight visitors. Visiting this city is truly exciting and unforgettable, as you are swept up in the modern and fast paced chaos and immersed in its quirky yet profound culture.

Tokyo - How to Have Fun in Tokyo Without Spending a Single Yen

Tokyo can be an expensive to travel in and it would be very easy to spend a lot of money here, especially with the amount of luxury hotels, fine dining restaurants and high end shopping. However, if you are visiting Tokyo on a smaller budget don’t despair. There are actually a lot of fantastic free activities that you can enjoy in the city. With a little bit of research and resourcefulness, you can have a great time in Tokyo without spending a single yen. Continue reading “How to Have Fun in Tokyo Without Spending a Single Yen”