10 Awesome Places to Visit in Malaysia

Malaysia is a truly a place of wonders where you will find many amazing things which you might not have experienced before in your entire life. As you know a popular slogan which says like “Malaysia, Truly Asia”. This slogan is being used in TV ads, Print ads and other ads run over the internet and have become common among travelers. It’s not a just a slogan but a reality as Malaysia is truly a magical place, where you will find true essence of Asian culture and traditions which are disappearing all over the Asian continent.

Malacca River Malaysia - 10 Awesome Places to Visit in Malaysia
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Malaysia is a multi-cultural country which comprise of complex population structure based on local Malays, Chinese, Indian and other people belonging to different ethnic groups who live happily and peacefully together. This multi cultural environment allows them to have many multi cultural events and festivals to be held across Malaysia during the whole year. And also the delicious foods which are served during such events and festivals that brings water in your mouth. Continue reading “10 Awesome Places to Visit in Malaysia”

5 Colorful and Must-see Festivals in Malaysia

Being one of the countries with natives that are superbly proficient in English, Malaysia is definitely on its way to becoming a first world country. The country is working double time to achieve its “high income economy” goal for the year 2020. The growing success of its tourism is also one of the reasons for Malaysia’s steady economic standing.

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What is most striking about this country is not only the fact that it’s home to the oldest English school in Southeast Asia, the Penang Free School, or the world’s largest flower Rafflesia, but also that it’s home to multiple ethnicities, which means that its culture is as rich as its land. Continue reading “5 Colorful and Must-see Festivals in Malaysia”

Must-dos In Malaysia

If you have always looked forward to a travel destination that will offer you a combined version of natural scenario as well as ultimate thrill and fun, Malaysia would be the ideal place to visit. No matter if you are planning a tour with your family, kids or friends; Malaysia is a travel destination for people belonging to all age groups. Being home to the prehistoric rainforests and a myriad of enriched cultures, Malaysia is an amazing country, offering you lot to explore. Here is a simple tour guide on things that you must do, while traveling to Malaysia.

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  1. Go to the china Town or Petaling Street – No matter if you are a shopaholic or not, you must go to this place in order to feel the ultimate shopping experience. Ask anyone who has been to China Town and he/she will refer to it as the “Shoppers’ Heaven”. To view the better side, go to the place after it gets dark – the entire shopping district turns into a lively, vibrant night market, where you will get to explore hundreds of stalls selling interesting products, at unbelievable cheap prices. Continue reading “Must-dos In Malaysia”

Things to do in Penang Island

Penang Island offers endless reasons to visit since the island gives you various sightseeing which are best to be experienced.

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Pinang Peranakan Museum

Peranakan Mansion in Penang is the reflection of the enriching history of the Nonya Baba heritage. This is the mansion which belongs to the wealthy Nonya family and since then the mansion has been an epitome of great lifestyle and architecture. As you visit the place, you can be a proud witness to the exemplary architecture of the museum. It has European and Malay influence. Continue reading “Things to do in Penang Island”

Things to do in Miri

Miri opens plethora of places to be visited. Therefore, read the following article in order to arm with the detailed places which are worth to be visited.

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Niah caves

You will experience adrenalin rush as you visit Niah caves as it is full of adventure and exploration. As a foreigner, you might have to pay a bit extra while you go through the cave. There is a one-minute motor powered boat ride which will take your across the water (as it is infested with crocodiles). Thereafter, you will head over to the tall Borneo forest. Hence, it is advisable to accompany with the raincoat as you can save yourself in the event of rain. The sight of monkey jumping is often synonymous with the area and you will get to see the same as well. You do not want to miss the caves as they are indeed the highlights of your visit to Niah National Park. Traders cave is situated in an open ground and it is a perfect dwelling ground of bats and birds. Continue reading “Things to do in Miri”