A Quick Travel Guide Before Getting On Cheap Flights To Amritsar

This may be the first time to hear the word Amritsar so before you hop on those cheap flights to Amritsar, it is important that you know a few simple facts about the place. It is not wise to go for a vacation in a place that is entirely unknown to your just because there are cheap flights to Amritsar.

Golden Temple - Amritsa
Photo: Prab Bhatia

The first thing that you should know is that Amritsar is a holy city in Punjab, India. The name Amritsar was derived from the name of the pool that surrounds the Golden Temple. The meaning of Amritsar is “holy pool of nectar”. It is considered to be the heart of the Sikh religion for both their spiritual and cultural activities. The Golden Temple built by Guru Ramdaas Ji in 1601 is a major pilgrimage site. Plenty of tourists also visit the temple to view its beauty and serenity. Continue reading “A Quick Travel Guide Before Getting On Cheap Flights To Amritsar”

Book Flights to Chengdu to Have an Exceptional Holidaying Experience!

Chengdu is a mystifying tourist destination which will surely bring you closer to the Chinese culture. As everyone knows, traditions of China are a bit different from the typical western culture and this is the reason why most of us want to explore each and every detail about it. If you have booked cheap flights to Chengdu, read this article to know how you could explore the hidden treasures of Chinese culture.

Chengdu city
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Best Time to Visit Chengdu
Chengdu experiences four distinctive seasons and during each season, this city charms you with its own magic. You can book Chengdu flights during March to June and September to November as the climate is unexpectedly favorable for most of the visitors. During the summers, temperature during the days is quite bearable. However, during the nights the mercury drops down to a subtle mark. Continue reading “Book Flights to Chengdu to Have an Exceptional Holidaying Experience!”

Customizing your Bali holiday to really enjoy yourself

If you go to Bali, you really don’t have to stick to a script when you’re on holiday. There’s so much to see and do on this island that the fun is everywhere, and you can do your own designer holiday, the way you want to do it. Bali is a sort of miniature world, and your options are really unlimited. The better you know Bali, the more ideas you’ll have, too, so your holiday can be a real adventure. All you need is for your own custom Bali holiday some good travel insurance and to do your research thoroughly.

Bali statue
Photo: >Erik K Veland

Finding your favorite things
Fortunately for travelers, Bali is very good with its tourist information. This is a prime travel destination specifically because the local operators and the market have developed very good systems. You couldn’t get lost on Bali, even if you tried. Continue reading “Customizing your Bali holiday to really enjoy yourself”

Enjoyable Vacation on the Caribbean Islands

Ever heard of or thought about being at St. Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, St. Lucia and the likes? Do you desire a vacation where you can experience different locations and modes of travel without having to spend so much? Have you ever wished to visit the Caribbean to explore the goodies abound in its different islands? If your answer to any of these questions is in the affirmative, then you have reached the place where you will get important information to have an enjoyable vacation.

Caribbean Island
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For first timers, the Caribbean Islands is a collection of contiguous Islands numbering about 25 and stretching from Trinidad and Tobago to The Bahamas and Cayman Islands. However, the influence and culture of the Jamaicans seem to take sway across these islands. All of these Islands on the Caribbean are wonderful vacation spots due to their white sandy beaches, wonderful weather all year round, relatively low population and country side nature. Also, there are all types of accommodations from single rooms to resort style houses and chalets available for rent or outright purchase all year round.
Continue reading “Enjoyable Vacation on the Caribbean Islands”