An Overlooked Australian Island Paradise

When you think of Australian islands, the first to come to mind is likely Tasmania. As big as it is, and as close as it is to the Australian mainland, it’s hard to miss. It also retains an air of mystery and excitement on its own, as admittedly many other areas of Australia do. However, it’s often forgotten that the Commonwealth of Australia – which is itself one big island – if you stop and think about it has over 8,000 islands total within its maritime borders. A great many end up being overlooked by those planning a holiday Down Under.

Norfolk Island Views

It’s a bit much to expect to visit all 8,222 Australian islands in one’s lifetime. There are just too many to choose from, so from that vast array you must discriminate a bit. If a holiday to Australia is in your future, and island hopping is on the itinerary – as it should be – it would behove you to have an idea of which islands are available to see depending on the states you’ll end up visiting. Pick up a guidebook to see just how much of Australia there is to discover, and you might be overwhelmed with choices. Continue reading “An Overlooked Australian Island Paradise”

Why Visit Melbourne in 2015?

Melbourne is renowned as Australia’s cultural city, the most cosmopolitan of its metropolises, and the home of some of Australia’s most famous sporting grounds including the MCG and the Rod Laver Arena.

MCG and Rod Laver Arena

If you’re holidaying in Australia, Melbourne should feature highly on your itinerary. Here are a few reasons why. Continue reading “Why Visit Melbourne in 2015?”

Why Visit Norfolk Island This Year?

Located in the Pacific Ocean between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia, evergreen Norfolk Island is a former British penal colony that was later settled by descendants of Fletcher Christian and the Bounty mutineers.

Emily Bay

Nowadays it’s a peaceful, self-governing island that’s part of the Australian Commonwealth with a population of around 1,900 permanent residents. Continue reading “Why Visit Norfolk Island This Year?”

Gold Coast Is Waiting For You with Fabulous Events and Engaging Activities This November

Gold Coast keeps the tourists entertained with loads of fascinating activities and events throughout the year. This premier entertainment ground is known for its fabulous scenic attractions, engaging events and exciting nightlife. This year Gold Coast is all set to enthral you with some unique events to make your holiday a truly enjoyable and memorable experience.

Gold Coast Car Show

The Gold Coast Car Show from 15th November to 16th November in 2014 is going to take place at Mudgeeraba Showgrounds. The Car Show is a fantastic annual event that presents you a great display of Show Cars, Bikes and Show Trucks. Every year thousands of car enthusiasts and collectors gather over here to witness the amazing show of exclusive cars which include Vintage, Hot Rods, Cruisers, Muscle Cars, Street Cars, Dragsters, Utes and Customs. The added attractions are auto industry trade stalls that feature the latest products and services. Continue reading “Gold Coast Is Waiting For You with Fabulous Events and Engaging Activities This November”

Important things to consider while relocating to Australia

Australia is the country that is situated at southern hemisphere of globe. Australia is a home for smallest continent in entire world and it is comprised of the small islands that consist of Tasmania. It also has about 22 million of inhabitants to the date of which about 60% are also seen in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth and in Adelaide. It is a quick background as what you need to know prior you plan relocation Australia.

Perth Australia

Moreover, Australia is also developed by the country and also one of seats of the economic freedom. It means that this opens the complete opportunities to the foreigners that wish to move to specific place. The list of the job opportunities they can land in the financial as well as the services sector and also telecommunications industry. Moreover, less than 5% of entire population is unemployed. Understanding all such important facts, you should be quite eager of move to Australia. You possibly may even wish to know the different answers to the questions relevant to the transfer to the country. Continue reading “Important things to consider while relocating to Australia”