Best Coastal and Aquatic Experiences of Australia

Australia is loved worldwide by the travellers as it offers plenty of opportunities to watch iconic landmarks and many airlines offer cheap flights to Australia. However, if you are searching for something exciting then explore coastal areas and aquatic activities which are abundant in Australia. This country has a vast coastline of around 50,000 kilometers with countless fabulous beautiful beaches and aquatic destinations to explore. We have compiled a list of coastal and aquatic experiences you should not miss when you are visiting Australia:

Whitehaven Beach - Best Coastal and Aquatic Experiences of Australia

Whitehaven Beach

Enjoy the warm, turquoise colored water with splendid white sand at this beach. With all the hues and serenity it offers to its visitors, Whitehaven Beach surely does justice to its name. This beach has been voted as one of the top eco-friendly beaches of the world. Take a view of Whitehaven Beach from above through a helicopter or a seaplane. Or simply relax on the beach or a take a dip in the water. You can watch turtles, dolphins and other marine life wandering in the shallow water.  Continue reading “Best Coastal and Aquatic Experiences of Australia”

An Overview On Flight Training

As we grew, we usually try to forget various desires of childhood. We also abandon few for the reason that they are not quite interesting and we also bury the rest memories. The main reason is that these are quite impracticable. However, we need not actually deny ourselves with chance to really fulfill specific desires such as flying own aircraft. So, in case you are planning that flying your plane or aircraft is the craving that you could never manage for fulfilling, fact is that you may get close to it. So, you might not get a chance fly supersonic jets which may also have captured the imagination when you are a kid, however, you may even always try hand on flying the chopper!

Flight Training - An Overview On Flight Training

For the flight training Australia, people had travelled with the surprise by niggling up to in the chopper. It is just that proves that the helicopters are wonderful means to discreetly fly. So, if you desire to fly a chopper or a helicopter for the frivolous reasons, you may acquire skill in only 8 weeks. In case you want to opt for the course of flight training for commercial pilots of helicopter, you would need to put in 8 additional weeks.

Few people get scared to approach the flying school as they do not need the nerve for controlling the aircraft however they also think that there could be several formalities for which you need to worry about. On the other hand, this is only a misconception. The fact is that one will require some main government issued for the identification papers. So, if you wish for learning flying for the commercial reasons, so you would have to be move eighteen.

You must not only go to any kind of flying school as all these schools are not really great enough. So, you should go to school that use the models of helicopter that are great for training; so, you will also enjoy the edge from the starting.

Fantastic Walking Tours in the Kimberley

Located in the northernmost part of Western Australia, the Kimberley region is one of the state’s nine regions, and due to its stunning natural beauty, remote location, and weather, particularly in winter when it cools down significantly, it has become one of its most famous.

Bungle Bungles - Fantastic Walking Tours in the Kimberley

One of the earliest settled parts of the Great Southern Land, the Kimberley region has a rich history, one extending back tens of thousands of years before Europeans first visited the continent and later came to call it home. Continue reading “Fantastic Walking Tours in the Kimberley”

An Overlooked Australian Island Paradise

When you think of Australian islands, the first to come to mind is likely Tasmania. As big as it is, and as close as it is to the Australian mainland, it’s hard to miss. It also retains an air of mystery and excitement on its own, as admittedly many other areas of Australia do. However, it’s often forgotten that the Commonwealth of Australia – which is itself one big island – if you stop and think about it has over 8,000 islands total within its maritime borders. A great many end up being overlooked by those planning a holiday Down Under.

Norfolk Island Views - An Overlooked Australian Island Paradise

It’s a bit much to expect to visit all 8,222 Australian islands in one’s lifetime. There are just too many to choose from, so from that vast array you must discriminate a bit. If a holiday to Australia is in your future, and island hopping is on the itinerary – as it should be – it would behove you to have an idea of which islands are available to see depending on the states you’ll end up visiting. Pick up a guidebook to see just how much of Australia there is to discover, and you might be overwhelmed with choices. Continue reading “An Overlooked Australian Island Paradise”

Why Visit Melbourne in 2015?

Melbourne is renowned as Australia’s cultural city, the most cosmopolitan of its metropolises, and the home of some of Australia’s most famous sporting grounds including the MCG and the Rod Laver Arena.

MCG and Rod Laver Arena - Why Visit Melbourne in 2015?

If you’re holidaying in Australia, Melbourne should feature highly on your itinerary. Here are a few reasons why. Continue reading “Why Visit Melbourne in 2015?”