Fantastic Walking Tours in the Kimberley

Located in the northernmost part of Western Australia, the Kimberley region is one of the state’s nine regions, and due to its stunning natural beauty, remote location, and weather, particularly in winter when it cools down significantly, it has become one of its most famous.

Bungle Bungles

One of the earliest settled parts of the Great Southern Land, the Kimberley region has a rich history, one extending back tens of thousands of years before Europeans first visited the continent and later came to call it home. Continue reading “Fantastic Walking Tours in the Kimberley”

5 Spots for Swimming with Dolphins in the Pacific

Discover five great places to swim with dolphins in South-East Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

swimming with a dolphin

Swimming with dolphins is often a dream for children and adults alike. Dolphins are intelligent, gentle creatures who enjoy the company of humans. There are many places in the Pacific, both on the American coast and in Asia, where you can swim with dolphins. All you need is plane ticket, a reservation in a luxury resort and directions to the nearest dolphin swimming spot. Here are five of our favourites. Continue reading “5 Spots for Swimming with Dolphins in the Pacific”

Perth Flying and City Guide

Australia’s capital city Perth is the largest city of the Western State of Australia and is home to around 1.5 million people. It was originally founded as the political centre for the Swan River free settler colony in 1829 by Captain James Stirling.

Swan river - Perth
Photo: eutrophication&hypoxia

Perth Airport lies a little outside the main city of Perth. Nine miles to the north east in fact. It is the 4th busiest of Australia’s airports, and provides both domestic and international flights. Because Perth is a popular place to travel to, there are over 50 different airlines that fly here meaning that for people who are searching for deals, there are often some excellent deals to be found. One of the best ways to do this is via online flight finders such as Travel between the airport and the city is easy with plenty of choice in airport shuttle busses, taxi services and hire cars, and the journey only takes about 30 minutes.
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