4 Sanity-Saving Family Road Trip Tech Trips

While a family road trip often seems like a great way to spend some quality time together, the levels of stress and tedium involved can be considerable. Stocking up on a few high-tech gadgets can go a long way towards ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. The following gadgets may hold the key to retaining your sanity during your next trip or holiday.

family road trip - 4 Sanity-Saving Family Road Trip Tech Trips

Headphones and Multimedia

While a sing-along or a few car games can be great fun, they can quickly loose their appeal during a long road trip. Stocking up on music, games and other digital entertainment can often be a necessity, especially during a long and boring drive. Individual headphones help to reduce conflict by providing all passengers with a little more personal-control over their environment. Continue reading “4 Sanity-Saving Family Road Trip Tech Trips”

Summer Vacations Are Upon Us

The summer is here, and many people will be taking road trips. Road trips are a lot of fun, but there are several things that you will need to do to keep yourself safe. Below are some tips for staying safe while on the road:

Driving on Sunset
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Plan a destination

However obvious this may seem, it is a must. There are all kinds of tales out there of bad or poorly planned vacations. Do some research and look into areas that fit what you and your family like to do for fun! If you’re an outdoor type family, places like Yellow Stone or Yosemite National park may be a good idea. These places may require permits, reservations etc… So make sure to plan ahead. Continue reading “Summer Vacations Are Upon Us”

Executive Travel and Chauffeur Services – What any Busy Executive Needs

Arriving for a meeting in style will make a positive impact on your business acquaintances and it offers you the chance to turn up fresh and ready to take on anything you need to do.

Executive Travel and Chauffeur

You may have to make a presentation or give a seminar, so it’s important that you arrive at a destination without the stress of driving yourself. It’s important to rely instead on the experts. Organising an executive travel and chauffeur service is the solution it’s what any busy executive needs to stay on top of the game. Continue reading “Executive Travel and Chauffeur Services – What any Busy Executive Needs”

Road Trip Ready: Six Must-Haves For Those Who Prefer Traveling By Car

Traveling by car as opposed to flying offers many perks, including the opportunity to see different areas of the country. You can make as many stops as you want, control the air conditioning and bring as many or as few people as you want. However, going on a road trip does entail responsibilities. Here are six must-haves to remember for your next road trip:

Road Trip

Basic Needs

While on the road, you and your companions are far from the comforts that your home provides including the basic necessities to live. Bring food that is not sensitive to changing temperatures and has a long shelf life, as well as plenty of water. Be sure to also have a supply of needed medication that anyone might need. An extra blanket is always a smart item to keep in case of emergencies. Continue reading “Road Trip Ready: Six Must-Haves For Those Who Prefer Traveling By Car”

Make The Most Of Your Road Trip With These Helpful Apps

Going on a road trip has always been a fun experience to get out on the open road and see parts of the country. But with how much technology has changed in recent years, road trips are even more entertaining and offer more opportunities than ever before. Here are some apps you must have before you set out on your next road trip that will make your adventure even more fun.


Waze Having a GPS app will keep you on the right path while driving and also help keep you out of traffic. The worst part about a road trip is getting lost and having to spend hours trying to yet back on path. But with GPS your chances of getting lost are much less likely. Wave will update you with real-time traffic, as well as the best possible route to your destination. If you aren’t driving, you can also check in with other ‘Wazer’s’ with the social network part of the app. You never know what other road-trippers you may meet on your travels, and what memories you might be able to share. Continue reading “Make The Most Of Your Road Trip With These Helpful Apps”