3 Reasons to Choose Turks and Caicos for Your 2017 Holiday

Looking to get a head start on booking your annual holiday for 2017? If so, here are just three fantastic reasons to consider Turks and Caicos.

Turks and Caicos - 3 Reasons to Choose Turks and Caicos for Your 2017 Holiday

1.    Unbeatable Beauty
Directly facing the world’s best beach, that of Grace Bay, and as acclaimed by the official Traveller’s Choice Annual Awards 2016, the Beach House TCI Resort perfectly reflects the beauty of Grace Bay’s sands and pristine waters. Occupying a colonial and proud fronted mansion house, the Beach House is as beautiful inside as out, providing guests with private luxury suite accommodations, an onsite spa and views out over what is the most beautiful beach to grace the entire planet. Continue reading “3 Reasons to Choose Turks and Caicos for Your 2017 Holiday”

Charter Through the Caribbean History

From Carib tribesmen to pirates, everyone wanted a piece of Caribbean paradise. These days a stunning yacht charter is a welcome experience but it wasn’t always so. For over 5000 years people fought for ownership of these islands, pillaging and plundering as they went along.

Yacht Charter

Sail the serene blue seas of the Caribbean and its tumultuous past seems an impossible fable. Explore an island nation’s well preserved colonial homes and naval bases however, and you’ll soon be met by European influence. Continue reading “Charter Through the Caribbean History”

Five Can’t Miss Caribbean Travel Experiences

Between the pristine, turquoise shores and obvious beauty, it’s no wonder the Caribbean Islands are one of the most sought after vacation spots in the world. Sure, it is easy to relax on a white beach for a week, but visitors who seek adventure should not miss out on these five uniquely Caribbean experiences.

Cave on Norman Island
Image: flickr.com/photos/chrismorran

Explore the Caves

The cave systems of the Caribbean Islands are geological feats that rival the beauty of its picturesque beaches. Grab a tube and float through Three Caves in Belize City, then hop on a tram and experience the winding caverns of Harrison’s Cave in Bridgetown, Barbados. You might even go on foot through the spectacular Green Grotto Cave located in Falmouth, Jamaica. Continue reading “Five Can’t Miss Caribbean Travel Experiences”

Winter Blues: Best Holidays for Catching Some Rays This Season

Escape the winter weather by arranging for a vacation getaway this year, whether it is taking in the sun on a warm beach, walking through a lush rain forest, or snorkeling around clear reefs. The Caribbean and Central America offer visitors a prime opportunity to get away from the winter cold.

Puerto Rico
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Beach Rental in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is an ideal tropical attraction for those who spend their winters in the cold, because of its temperate climate. The Caribbean island is easy to visit because visitors are not required to have an American passport, and the legal tender is the US dollar. The island offers lounging on sunny beaches, trekking through the verdant rain forests, or celebrating at the nightclubs. Continue reading “Winter Blues: Best Holidays for Catching Some Rays This Season”

Belize Main Attractions and Destinations

Situated in Central America, Belize is a small English-speaking country that has numerous attractions and destination cities. From the white sandy beaches and reefs to the jungles and the mysteries of Maya civilization, a tourist can never lack things to see and do in this beautifully crafted country.

Maya ruin temple - Belize
Image: flickr.com/photos/scubabix

Maya-Ruins and Temples

Ever heard of the great Maya civilization? These ruins and temples are a prehistoric site of where this civilization’s home was. Though the civilization came to an end about 1000 years ago, the remains of what was left behind have been preserved to make a fascinating attraction for all calibres of tourists. The area is composed of numerous temples and underground chambers used for rituals. Obsidian, pottery, gold and jade are some of the materials used in making magnificent carvings and paintings in the ancient times and the expertise in the area is quite evident. To welcome you to the Maya ruins are descendants of the civilization. Though from different ethnicities, the peace and tranquillity of co-existence is evident from the warm welcome tourists receive. Some of the main Mayan sites include Caracol, Altun Ha, Lubaantun and Xunantunich. Continue reading “Belize Main Attractions and Destinations”