Great Boating Trips To Take With Your Family

Vacations are a fun way to spend time with your family. There are several places not too far from the Houston area to take boating trips that could be very memorable and entertaining. You may want to consider a trip to Kemah to sail out in Galveston Bay. Another great boating trip may be to take a cruise down to Mexico or the Caribbean from Galveston or a cruise up or down the Mississippi River.

Sailing Glaveston bay - Kemah Harbour

Sailing out of Kemah

Before going out to sea, it would be wise for all family members to know how to swim. There are even swimming lessons for infants in Houston or your local pool because you are never too young to start learning. Safety should be imperative in case of an emergency. There are several different boats, including yachts, speedboats, and sailboats, offering excursions from Kemah out to Galveston Bay. You can go for a half day, full day or even a full week. Ride past the Kemah boardwalk and wave to the people standing at the rail as you head out into the bay. It’s a great experience and some of the captains will even allow passengers to help steer or sails their vessel. If you enjoy fishing, there’s nothing like seeing your child catch his or her first fish! An evening cruise with a full moon can be an unforgettable experience! Continue reading “Great Boating Trips To Take With Your Family”

The 6 Tips Everyone Needs to Have Before They Go On A Cruise

Everyone wants their cruise to be the best possible experience. Whether people are bound for an adventure destination or plan to soak up the sun between ports of call, it pays to be prepared. Here are six tips everyone needs to have before they go on a cruise.

Go On A Cruise

Arrive a Day or Two Early

Especially in winter, arriving early allows for bad weather and other travel delays. Enjoy the destination city for what it has to offer. Arriving at the last minute with ticket clenched in hand may feel like a victory, but it makes for a tense beginning. Arrive in time to unwind first, and board the boat feeling already relaxed. Continue reading “The 6 Tips Everyone Needs to Have Before They Go On A Cruise”

Arranging a Comprehensive Packing List for Cruise Vacations

Going on a cruise vacation with your loved one? There is no doubt about the fact that the mention of this holiday gives a thrilling feeling. Spending few days and nights on the luxurious cruise will give you an experience which you can cherish for the whole of your life. Going on a cruise vacation takes you to a new world altogether. You can enjoy all luxuries of life under one roof.

cruise vacation

One important thing to remember while preparing for a cruise vacation is the list of things that you need to pack. This packing list is little different from packing for other kinds of vacations. Here are some things that you must keep in mind while packing your bags for the cruising experience: Continue reading “Arranging a Comprehensive Packing List for Cruise Vacations”

Best Locations in the World to Make Port During Cruise Holidays

There are so many fantastic ports of call to experience on a holiday at sea. For some the best ports of call are destinations long dreamed about, whilst for others they’re the surprises of the trip; destinations never given much thought to but found awe inspiring once experienced. This article takes a look at five must-see ports of call.

Limmasol cruise port

#1: Limmasol, Cyprus. Located on Akrotiri Bay, the port of Limmasol is the largest port in Cyprus and one of the largest in the Mediterranean. With the Troodos Mountains in the background there really isn’t another port quite like Limmasol anywhere in the Mediterranean, and the experiences of holidaymakers are further enhanced by its carefree atmosphere and the friendliness of its locals. There are wineries to visit, some of the best restaurants on the island to eat at and the stunning Ladies Mile Beach is a short distance from the port. Continue reading “Best Locations in the World to Make Port During Cruise Holidays”

Don’t Miss Out: Make The Most Of Your Visit To Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, and millions of sun-seeking tourists spend their holidays here every year. Just 140 miles off the coast of Cuba, the island’s indigenous people named the island ‘the land of food and water’, and it became an independent nation in 1962 after breaking free from the rule of the United Kingdom.

Royal Caribbean cruise

With a population of just under one million people, Jamaica is one of the most populated islands in the Caribbean. Kingston, the country’s biggest city, is home to most of the population, and although Jamaica is a typically small island, its culture and way of life is famous throughout the world. Continue reading “Don’t Miss Out: Make The Most Of Your Visit To Jamaica”