The Best Way to Go on a European Road Trip

European visitors have three choices when it comes to transportation when visiting its major cities. They can either go by trains, buses, or cars. But in order to enjoy visiting its regions, the best way to travel is still by cars. Tourists will have a grand time exploring the depths of UK, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Spain and other European countries if they just hire cars as they will not be encumbered with schedules and just plan their trips their own way.

Driving trip

But before embarking on a road trip, there are things that need to be considered as driving through Europe means crossing countries with different cultures and different languages. Travelers might want to research important words beforehand so they can communicate with the locals, plan in advance to anticipate currency exchange, and check out the differences in gas prices. Continue reading “The Best Way to Go on a European Road Trip”

Reveling in Italian Holidays

Italy is one of the world’s best tourist destinations. It has the beautiful fusion of the old and new with its historic cities and good restaurants, shopping and nightlife that would entice anyone to go there for a break. People visit Italy for a number of reasons: for religious pilgrims, to spend a romantic getaway, or just to be a part of history with its ancient museums and medieval churches.

Verona Italy

When having Italy holiday, the best destinations are the cities of Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan and Naples. The modern Rome is not only home of the Vatican and St. Peter’s, but is also a bustling and animated city filled with excellent restaurants and nightlife. Venice is depicted in a lot of films because of the romantic feeling it invokes in anyone who travelled there. There are loads of museums, palaces and churches to see while wandering along its famous canals. Continue reading “Reveling in Italian Holidays”

Greece – A perfect honeymoon destination

Marriages are made in heaven and the days of endless stream of love onsets with the honeymoon. It’s few of those moments, those days of life which a couple would cherish all through their lovely life. And what better way to start those days at Greece, God’s own land of love. Harmony within the marriage is also called honeymoon, like a couple staying together will 50 years of marriage, will lots of harmony, love care and happiness, and is also called the time period of honeymoon, its honeymoon itself. Let’s enjoy the Yachtcharter Griechenland – paradise of love, heaven of love.

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Greece is considered as one of the most idyllic places in the world, Greece is certainly high recommended for perfect honeymoons. Continue reading “Greece – A perfect honeymoon destination”

The Coasts of Australia from the Board of Your Yacht

Australian coasts are really exiting and beautiful, especially, when you explore them from the ocean. If you have a yacht and like the sailing to various countries, you should visit Australia for sure. It is supposed to be a great adventure independently from which side you will go there, from East or West. Coming from America to Australia, you may come through the Panama Canal or double South America and come from the south. Of course you should have enough experience and be ready for such a long voyage, because it may be very unpredictable.

Australia sailing Yacht
Photo: The Waterboy

On your way to Australia you can visit the shores of New Zealand and Tasmania. And it won’t be wrong, if you do that. Certainly, the best place for you to see is Sydney with its magnificent opera house. Great Barrier Reef is also a great place especially for those, who like diving. This place can show you the most diverse life in the world ocean. But you should be careful sailing the yacht, because you can run aground there. Continue reading “The Coasts of Australia from the Board of Your Yacht”

Tours to Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic offers great excursion opportunities in addition to beautiful nature and quality beach rest. Excursions in this country are connected with middle ages as well as colonial epoch. Christopher Columbus opened this island at the one of his first expeditions and gave it the name Hispaniola, which is called Haiti nowadays. Spaniards started the American exploration here. So, this island as well as the country has the first European buildings and settlements all over the America. The first streets, houses, palaces and strongholds were built here.

Dominican Republic

The tours to Dominican Republic are popular all over the world. The price of excursions depends on the usual factors as the amount of people, route etc. In the contemporary part of Santo Domingo you may find National Aquarium. It contains exotic fishes, mollusks, turtles, sharks and arthropods. Obligatory excursion program includes the visit of Columbus’ Lighthouse. This cathedral keeps the remains of the great sailor. Continue reading “Tours to Dominican Republic”