A Fabulous Options for Croatia Travel for You

Croatia is a very small country, but surprisingly clean, downright crystal. Crystal air, crystal sea, crystal water. By the way, in this country there is no such thing as technical water. All the water here is drinking. Therefore, you can safely drink water from the tap, it is as tasty as if you drink it from a mountain spring. It’s not for nothing that Croatia is considered one of the most ecologically clean countries.

Dubrovnik Croatia - A Fabulous Options for Croatia Travel for You

Therefore, those who want to cleanse the body and even the soul (especially the inhabitants of industrial areas) all here. Choose a place of rest to your taste – there are sandy, pebbly, concrete beaches. It all depends on the desired degree of comfort. And the pines growing on the shore will not let you “burn out” in the sun. Personally, we rested in a campsite located in an olive grove near the seashore. Frankly, double pleasure. By the way, the Adriatic Sea is a paradise for divers, so in this section you can safely put a “plus sign”. Continue reading “A Fabulous Options for Croatia Travel for You”

Best Yacht Rental Croatia

If you are looking for a perfect vacation destination this year, then you should go for Croatian Islands and coast, and if you are travelling in the sea then, of course, you are going to need Yacht Rental Croatia. There are several reasons that make Croatia as one of the best vacation spots for most of the tourists of the world.

Trogir, Croatia

First of all, it is a multi-cultural land, and it saves the culture of thousands of years old people who lived here. Plus with every new island, you are going to explore provides you with a different story of the early people. Continue reading “Best Yacht Rental Croatia”

What to Expect on a Trip to Istria

Istria has been a hub of civilisation for centuries and this beautiful peninsula offers a lot more than rich history. The area is a dramatic one, draping alongside the Adriatic it is filled with forests, possesses a fantastic coastline and is situated between the mountains and the sea.

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It’s also easy to access, only an hour from Trieste and two and a half by ferry from Venice. It’s also on the Slovenian border, so a trip to Ljubljana in Slovenia is also easily possible. Continue reading “What to Expect on a Trip to Istria”

What to know before visiting Split, Croatia

Before you prepare to visit any foreign city, it is advisable to find out as much as you can about your chosen destinations. You can look through tourist guides, or try and track down some local insight online, but you are invariably in for a few shocks if you don’t get the lowdown from someone in the know. Problem is that too many tourist guides are overly positive, and websites can be full of paranoia and doom, so finding real advice is hard to come by. Luckily, you have found your way to a wealth of really poignant, useful information right here! So if you are planning on visiting Split in Croatia, read on to find out everything that you haven’t heard about this amazing European gem.

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Split is football crazy – You have been warned

Football, or soccer as you may know it, is the most popular sport in the world, and its loyal fans are renowned for their passion and dedication to their teams. While this is true of most sports, the passions in Split run deep, and sometimes when alcohol is introduced, the passion spills over and translates into aggression. If you are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time you might end up in the crossfire.  Before your trip takes some time to check out the league schedule and plan your accommodation and itinerary carefully so that you avoid danger areas.

Avoid the temptation of striptease bars

For many tourists, a holiday without a trip to a local strip bar is not a holiday at all. Europe is renowned for beautiful people and a liberal atmosphere, but in Split, your local strip bar may prove to be the end of your holiday. Many of the bars are fronts for petty theft, drug deals, and solicitation, so it is best for you to rather steer clear. IF you insist on sampling these kinds of sights, then ask for advice from a concierge at a local hotel – you don’t need to stay in the hotel to get some information! This is safer than risking a roughing up and a robbery, or a night in a Croatian prison (or something more serious).

Snow in Split
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Prepare for snow

As soon as you type “Split, Croatia” into your search bar, images of stunning ocean views and sunshine will immediately pop up. And while it is true that the summer in Split is an incredible sight that you need to be seen to be believed, the fact is that the winters get very chilly. Snow is a guarantee at least once or twice in winter, and because it is rare, transport stops, so you should plan.

This article comes from guest poster Victoria who loves visiting Split.

Croatia, the new Must See destination

In the past, Croatia was a favourite holiday destination of royalty on the Adriatic Sea, with Italy only a few hundred kilometres away. Until about 20 years ago, most people didn’t really know where Croatia was. It was a lost place in Cold War Europe, part of “the eastern bloc”, and that was roughly the extent of Western knowledge for nearly four generations. Now, Croatia has become a true tourist destination again. All you need to see this extraordinary place is a good instinct for the unique travel experience, some good travel insurance and an appreciation for one of Europe’s lost worlds.

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Croatia today
The brutal horrors of the break up of Yugoslavia in the 90s were the first sign of the re-emergence of Croatia. After this unspeakable experience, the Croats set to work to rebuild and modernize their country. The new travel boom is a good indication of how successfully they’ve achieved those goals. Continue reading “Croatia, the new Must See destination”