Places to visit in Frankfurt this winter

These first months are the coldest one of the year and, although there are some places with warm temperatures all over the year, the destination we are going to recommend you is not part of that list.

Frankfurt Germany - Places to visit in Frankfurt this winter

5 places you should visit in Frankfurt

  1. Goethe House: this museum house is one of the most popular and touristy spots in the whole Frankfurt. Both inside as outside is a fine art work and it was the house of the famous Goethe, worldwide known as one of the best writers. It will show you the way he lived and the people common routines during its age as everything got perfectly conserved. Continue reading “Places to visit in Frankfurt this winter”

From Neue Wache to the Wall: The powerful Holocaust monuments of Berlin

Berlin today is a city brimming with life, exhibited beautifully and youthfully in its many jazz venues and raucous nightclubs. The verve that this, one of Europe’s most fascinating capitals, presents on a daily basis is impressive, especially considering the sobering history of the past century. Walk through town and travelers will no doubt spot the bakeries, bars and shops that signal life goes on, but they’re also likely to stumble across one of the many monuments erected to acknowledge and cope with the suffering that has left an indelible mark on German lives.

Holocaust monuments Berlin - From Neue Wache to the Wall: The powerful Holocaust monuments of Berlin

Whole tours of Germany are sculpted around the premise of revisiting Berlin’s past. The corresponding monuments, ranging from the Sinti and Roma Memorial to the book-burning square of Bebelplatz, may elicit a range of emotions from their visitors. Some may reflect on their place in the world, or the atrocities of war. For others, those monuments are an educational opportunity. To others still, they are a place to dwell on personal experiences of loss, as generations of families remain indelibly affected by the events of World War II. Some of these sites may be hard to visit, but the experience can be cathartic, enlightening and ultimately rewarding. Continue reading “From Neue Wache to the Wall: The powerful Holocaust monuments of Berlin”

5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Frankfurt!

Tired of staying at home? Dream of an incredible European weekend?

Drop everything and set off to Frankfurt right now!

Want to find something special to remember your vacation for a long time? Frankfurt is a right choice! It’s a gateway to Europe! After the 1st visit the atmosphere and surroundings are so impressive, so different than any other city!

Frankfurt Central Station - 5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Frankfurt!

Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany, and thanks to its skyscrapers and the river Main it’s also called “Main-hattan”. Continue reading “5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Frankfurt!”

How to choose a perfect hotel in Munich?

Don’t want to waste your time choosing a hotel?

Stay with us to find a great deal for a Munich hotel just in few minutes!

Going on your vacation to Munich, the first thing you ask is where to stay for several days in comfort? Generally, you can choose any hotel you want – Munich can offer a great variety of options! You need only to decide how much money you’re going to spend.

University of Munich 447x291 - How to choose a perfect hotel in Munich?

The price depends on the location, class of service (number of stars), and additional services. By the way, if you don’t like to waste your time searching for accommodation, just get a rental car, and go to any hotel you want!

The main points when choosing a hotel in Munich:


1.   Location

You must know that Munich is a huge city, and you wouldn’t like to lose an hour to get to a certain place! Much better is to have an opportunity to get to any place quickly and easily! So, if you want to save your time and be in the heart of the action, choose a hotel in the central part of the city which is highlighted with red!

rentalcars24h How To Choose A Perfekt Hotel In Munich1 - How to choose a perfect hotel in Munich?

If you want to choose the hotel with the most convenient location (center is not far away, many different shops, cafes and restaurants), search for a hotel in the area which is marked with a red circle. You’ll find a great number of hotels for any taste: little and huge, cheap and luxury. There are about 50+ ones only in this little area!

rentalcars24h How To Choose A Perfekt Hotel In Munich2 - How to choose a perfect hotel in Munich?

You can also check several hotels in the Old Town. But remember that it is very hard to find low-cost options there! The most profitable and affordable hotel deals are concentrated at the INNENSTADT. If you prefer to live in the “heart” of the city, you will find very comfortable hotels for quite adequate prices! The Center is always comfortable: not far from Marienplatz – a place where most excursions begin!

Important! Check out the price on a specific date and make a booking immediately because in spring, summer and early autumn is the tourist season: all hotels will be packed! In winter everybody goes skiing to the Alps and hotels are also occupied with tourists.

2. Interior

Modern systems of online hotel reservations provide information about the hotel interior. This information will help you to choose any accommodation you want!

3. Parking

Untitled - How to choose a perfect hotel in Munich?

If you are traveling by your own car or a rental car an important criterion for choosing a hotel is the availability of free parking. If your hotel doesn’t provide a free parking learn the value of the nearest car park. As a rule, the closest to the center are the most expensive!

4. Room equipment

This information is also provided by online reservation systems. If a hair dryer, internet, cable TV, mini-bar and safety are important for you, check these options when choosing a hotel!

Interesting facts:
A poll shows that 61% of tourists ask for free Internet as for the most important addition to a hotel room, besides a TV (17%), bathroom (5%), refrigerator (3%) and mini-bar (1%). So, internet allows travelers to feel like home!

5. Hotel reviews

You can find many reviews of different hotels in Internet, and also their ratings. This is one of the most important criteria. A large number of reviews generate enough objective “hotel rating”, so it’s always convenient to check out opinions of other people!

Where to get a rental car in Munich?

Car rental vehicle is the best assistant when you are searching for a hotel! No need to wait for taxi or public transport! Moreover, it’s not convenient to carry your luggage from place to place! Just drop your things to your rental car and go! You have a great opportunity to get your rental car in any location of Munich but if you don’t want to lose your time, money and nerves, take it directly at the Airport of Munich! You can also make a booking online! Just follow and check the best car rental deals to choose any vehicle you want!

Have a nice weekend in Munich!

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a travel writer who loves to explore different destinations around the world and like to share her experience.