Tips for a Cruise for the Norwegian Fjords

The Norwegian Fjords is undoubtedly one of the top destinations when choosing a cruise. A cruise in the Fjords ranks as one of the most requested destinations by cruise passengers from all over the world. And the reason is simple, few experiences aboard a ship overwhelm rather than navigate the silent Norwegian fjords. Norway offers you an overflowing nature and unique landscapes in the world.

Norweigan Fjords - Tips for a Cruise for the Norwegian Fjords

The Norwegian Fjords were created by a succession of ice ages and had not varied much since the first human settlements. Presumably, the most beautiful spectacles in the Norwegian Fjords is the opportunity to witness seals, eagles, and whales. Continue reading “Tips for a Cruise for the Norwegian Fjords”

The best Kid-friendly cities in Europe

City breaks are perfect for families! It’s the perfect way to ensure great moments and unforgettable memories as well as strengthen ties with your kids. While traveling you and your kids learn new experiences as well as teaching your kids how to deal with upcoming problems. Travel is the best way to teach your kids how to learn to adapt to new situations, to gain self-confidence as well as they learn to be more independent.

Kid Friendly Traveling - The best Kid-friendly cities in Europe

Before heading into this lifetime experience, you need to capture the imagination of your kids either with films or books. If you want to enjoy a city break in London, why not enjoy Peter Pan or Sherlock Holmes? If you want to visit Paris, check out the Aristocrats or the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Continue reading “The best Kid-friendly cities in Europe”

Places to visit in Frankfurt this winter

These first months are the coldest one of the year and, although there are some places with warm temperatures all over the year, the destination we are going to recommend you is not part of that list.

Frankfurt Germany - Places to visit in Frankfurt this winter

5 places you should visit in Frankfurt

  1. Goethe House: this museum house is one of the most popular and touristy spots in the whole Frankfurt. Both inside as outside is a fine art work and it was the house of the famous Goethe, worldwide known as one of the best writers. It will show you the way he lived and the people common routines during its age as everything got perfectly conserved. Continue reading “Places to visit in Frankfurt this winter”

Italian nativity scenes handicraft and where to find them

Nativity scene (Presepe in Italian) is a representation of Jesus birth, dating back to Middle Ages. Born in Italy, this tradition has progressively spread in all Catholic countries around the world. This artistic representation is set during Christmas time and consists in statues of different materials collocated in a realistic way. According to tradition we can find: the grotto, the manger where is situated Baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary, the Three Wise Men, the shepherds, the sheep, the ox and the little donkey, plus all the minor figures. Italy is famous also for living nativity scenes in which act real persons .

Nativity Scene - Italian nativity scenes handicraft and where to find them

Italy has a long and rooted tradition in nativity scene handicraft and representations, reflecting in real works of art we can cherish all over the peninsula. Continue reading “Italian nativity scenes handicraft and where to find them”

Pet friendly Hotel in Tuscany

Palazzo Visdomini has very spacious rooms and suites (up to 50 square meters) and all different from each other to accommodate the whole family, pets included. The hotel entrance welcomes works of ancient and contemporary art as well as a veranda overlooking the charming garden offering customers a breathtaking view.

Sleeping Dogs in Pet Friendly Hotel - Pet friendly Hotel in Tuscany

Not far from Florence and Siena, we find another interesting pet friendly hotel. It is Le Dimore Mezza Costa, a picturesque structure that was created in the green surrounded by vineyards and woods. This beautiful landscape can be appreciated from every available room. Here also your four-legged friends can access, enjoy and relax like any other family members in a closely environment with nature, ideal for long walks to regain its balance. Continue reading “Pet friendly Hotel in Tuscany”