Top 4 Must-See Attractions in Albufeira

If the thought of going on holiday in the near future is the only thing keeping you sane for the present, then you are definitely not alone. We all need our escape from the madding crowd and the dreary day-to-day toil once in a while, and what better way to do it than going on holiday?

Praia da Oura Beach

Going on holiday allows you to recharge your batteries and spend some time with yourself, doing the things you love. This is especially true if you love going on holiday to sunny, exciting destinations like Albufeira in Portugal. This famous tourist spot has gained an ample share of fans, primarily because it boasts more than 20 beaches. If you are planning to spend time in this unique destination, there are some places that you simply shouldn’t miss. Continue reading “Top 4 Must-See Attractions in Albufeira”

A Guide to Water Sports in Faro, Portugal

Faro is one of the most well-known cities in Portugal, situated in the Algarve region. With plenty of things to see and do, there are many reasons it attracts thousands of visitors every year. One of the biggest activities in this city is water sports and a visit to Faro will give you the perfect opportunity to give them a go!


Under the sea in Faro
Diving is a must for those that visit this Portuguese city, even if you have never tried it before! There are plenty of schools and centres that will teach you the basics before letting you take the plunge. Continue reading “A Guide to Water Sports in Faro, Portugal”

Living In Lisbon Like The Locals

If you were to ask many people to name a European City Break hot-spot, chances are that Lisbon would not get a mention amongst the likes of Paris, Rome and Barcelona, but that is just how the locals like it, and for those fortunate to spend a long weekend in this ancient city with a modern twist, they can enjoy a brief moment of living in Lisbon like a local.

lisbon tourism hotels guide2 - Living In Lisbon Like The Locals

History and Culture
Lisbon is a place steeped in history and you can feel and see it almost everywhere you go. This is a place that is a spectacle of regal dazzling white masonry where you can step back in time, from the Medieval Castelo de Sao Jorge which overlooks the city to the charming cobbled streets of the Bairro Alto. The residents call themselves Alfacinhas which bizarrely means “Little Lettuces” but what it means is that they have soaked up and embraced different cultures from other countries and created a unique mix that can only be found in Lisbon. Features of living like a local would be a sweet tooth acquired from Arabic influences, a very British passion for the drink of Port, Spanish flavours in the kitchen and a distinctly Brazilian influenced hedonistic outlook on life. Continue reading “Living In Lisbon Like The Locals”

Great Age Of Discovery

Portugal is one of the well known countries in the world has got great traditions and historic values. It has a history as one of Europe’s old guard elite. Portugal is very famous for its economical growth, its lifestyle and so many interested things. This country has many places that have the variety of activities to be visited. It has an old fashioned charm that diffuses  throughout the country and a sense of explore that is at the heart of this popular charm of old.

Old city of Portugal
Photo: szeke

There are many places is famous for sight seeing and fun, while some others are famous for relaxing and enjoying the ambiance of the Portuguese life. Portugal occupies top ranks in so many fields and it is considered to be one best place to live in the world. The historical capital Lisbon is well known as World Heritage architecture displaying the truly breathtaking verve of Portuguese skill throughout its creative the past. Continue reading “Great Age Of Discovery”