Tranquillity in Ibiza: Santa Eulalia (Santa Eulària)

When you think of Ibiza it often conjures strobe-lit images of thumping nightclubs, relentless partying, and rowdy intoxicated young people having the time of their lives. Granted, Ibiza has certainly earned its reputation as a clubbing mecca. However, there’s a lot more to it than most with only a casual knowledge of the island might realise. If you’ve previously dismissed Ibiza as nothing more than a party haven, then think again! Whilst the San Antonio area of the island is still a firm favourite for clubbing holidays, other parts of the island exist at a far more relaxed pace and make for truly gorgeous holiday destinations. One of those gems in particular is Ibiza’s third largest resort, Santa Eulalia.

Santa Eulalia Promenade

Situated on the western shore of Ibiza, Santa Eulalia offers the perfect blend of relaxation and leisure, making it a wonderful holidaying environment for both couples and families. You can do as much or as little as you want, and nothing feels imposed upon you. A short 14 mile drive from Ibiza Airport will take you to the heart of the resort, with its stretch of hotels overlooking the beautiful palm-lined promenade, the(child friendly) sandy beaches and azure blue sea beyond. Continue reading “Tranquillity in Ibiza: Santa Eulalia (Santa Eulària)”

Enjoy various aspects of Spain by renting a car

Spain offers diversity; there are so many different aspects which can be explored by renting the car services. There are many rental agencies available in the country; one can make the selection as per the need and choice. Spain is very beautiful, people are very friendly and the tourist spots are worth visiting. Even there are many shopping and dining areas, from where the good things can be bought. By renting a car, it is comfortable to travel as they are spacious and very flexible to drive. Here are some of the best names, which should be visited in Spain:


  • Park Guell is a very popular park; people like to come here for enjoying the amazing landscapes. One can distress by visiting the park, even fun time can be spent with family or friends. These parks have so many different flowers and green trees, which creates a fresh ambience and make the visit so relaxing and enjoyable. Continue reading “Enjoy various aspects of Spain by renting a car”

The magic of the Spanish Isles

People who have visited Spain already will know that it’s a fantastically diverse country, full of different landscapes and history. You can find a different side to Spain every item you visit, and this is really apparent if you go to any one of the Spanish islands.


The most popular islands belonging to Spain are Ibiza and Majorca in the Mediterranean and the Canaries, just off the coast of North Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean. Each island has its own particular charms and you can find both a party scene and splendid isolation on all of them. Continue reading “The magic of the Spanish Isles”

A Brief Account of A Holiday In Magaluf

Magaluf is also known as Magalluf. It is an exotic holiday spot in Spain which has been popular for many years. Tourists from all around the world visit this place for the beaches and nightlife that it offers. Mostly, British and Scandinavian tourists visit this place. But, people from all around the world make some regular visits to this part of Spain. Magaluf is situated in the town of Palma Nova and Torrenova. It is included in the Calvia municipality district. Majorca is the nearest airport to the place which is just 25 kilometer away. Connecting taxis or cabs can be hired to Magaluf once you reach Majorca. Even bus services are quite frequent on this route. Magaluf gives you a very wide choice of hotels and places to stay. It also has many beautiful as well as economical apartments which you may rent during your visit to this place.

Magaluf Beach 008 - A Brief Account of A Holiday In Magaluf

Magaluf is a place that provides an option for budget holidays. It is quite popular among people who want to plan a trip with their family, visit a beautiful destination and do not spend much. Magaluf gives you an option to plan such economical trips. You can look for some good deals on the Internet. There are many tour operators who give heavy discounts and some good deals when you book a trip to Magaluf through them. Magaluf combines beauty with a fast paced nightlife. This makes sure that all the members of your family enjoy the place to the maximum extent, irrespective of their ages. Continue reading “A Brief Account of A Holiday In Magaluf”

Best Parks to Explore in Alicante

Alicante car hire services are becoming very popular as they are easily available and the rates are reasonable. One can book these cars directly from the agencies or can take the help of online booking facilities. In Alicante there are many different locations which can be seen and enjoyed, other than locations there are many market areas from where shopping can be done for the family members and relative. The night life is good as there are many bars and lounges where good food, drinks and music can be enjoyed. For families, there are many parks where one can have a great time with kids. Here are some of them:

El Palmeral

El Palmeral: This Park is situated on the outskirts of Alicante, the surroundings are amazing with green palm trees and colorful flowers, and the freshness in the environment helps in relaxing the senses. The natural sound of water fall makes the place more interesting. Continue reading “Best Parks to Explore in Alicante”