Enjoy A Road Trip To Turkey With Car

Those who can spare 2 weeks should definitely head out on road trip adventure to Turkey, looping around the western side of the country down the coast from Istanbul. Along the way, the alluring landscape, archaeological treasures and handcrafted artisan’s goods of the country will surely be experienced. Those who plan a road trip through Turkey will be able to explore as far and as much as they want to, and will be able to set their own itinerary.

Istanbul - Enjoy A Road Trip To Turkey With Car
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Starting Point – Istanbul:

It is true that an entire vacation could be spent exploring Istanbul’s wonders, but for those setting off on a road trip, there will be little time to see them all. Before driving off, travellers should definitely take a walk in the great halls of the Hagia Sophia, which was once a church, then a mosque, but is now a museum. The Blue Mosque that is nearby is equally lovely. Travelers may even stop by at the Grand Bazaar to do some shopping or they could dine at Asitane restaurant before leaving. Continue reading “Enjoy A Road Trip To Turkey With Car”

Exciting Ways to Enjoy Your Turkey Holidays

Turkey is simply fascinating. From the beautiful beaches, coastline, historical sites, and blue voyage tours to the natural wonders; and from the grandeur shopping, nightlife to the rich cultural diversity and entertainment, there is a vast array of things to do. There is good reason as to why Turkey is among the top ten tourist destinations globally.

Turkey lanscape 447x335 - Exciting Ways to Enjoy Your Turkey Holidays
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For the Love of Action and Adventure

Turkey’s landscape is perfectly placed to cater for nearly all types of activities and sporting holidays.  Continue reading “Exciting Ways to Enjoy Your Turkey Holidays”

Top 6 Must Visit Places in Turkey

If you are confused about which place to visit during your holidays, then Turkey is the most ideal holiday destination you should visit. It is considered as one of the most famous tourist destinations among millions of people who visit this magnificent place here every year. This place is surrounded by Mediterranean and Black sea and is considered as crossroads of culture and history, which attracts number of tourists, even those visitors with the most discerning tastes.

Galata Tower Istanbul Turkey - Top 6 Must Visit Places in Turkey

Besides this, Turkey has number of attractions and historical legacy that attracts number of tourists round the globe. The attractions mainly include several ancient Greek cities with endless beauty beaches along the Anatolian coast, magnificent ruins and vibrant cosmopolitan city of Istanbul. On reaching Turkey, travellers will experience rich and fascinating history of this place that is evident throughout its diverse cities and awesome attractions. Continue reading “Top 6 Must Visit Places in Turkey”

Holidays to Turkey for a Summer Relaxing Experience

Turkey is one of the few countries that doesn’t have the hurry up tourists like other destinations, but yet has much to offer a wonderful and exciting holiday experience that can make your great holiday. The benefit that makes Turkey unique is its well cultured and friendly people along with self providing accommodation that even caters a best option for an ideal base and stay at possible rates. There are including starting from long weekend offer to the ever popular beach.

Library of Celsus Turkey - Holidays to Turkey for a Summer Relaxing Experience

The Turkey’s charm is not just about beach and weather, but also in the varied culture and wealth of the historic which you can be explored. Anyway, no matter how much of your budget, during your holiday in Turkey you may easily find a choice of wonderful holidays that may even support local town and environmental. However, this destination also offers many options to take part and enjoy many outdoor activities such as biking on forest trails or scuba diving in the southwestern of the country. Continue reading “Holidays to Turkey for a Summer Relaxing Experience”

The Detailed Guide Before Visiting Turkey

Turkey history and its culture with essential information for those visiting on Holiday or considering to buy property in Turkey. It is a country of diversity, stunning scenery, warm hospitality, and a whole range of resorts and activities to suit all tastes. A country spanning two continents where east meets west and 10,000 years of civilization, Turkey is a treasure trove of history and culture.

Istanbul Turkey - The Detailed Guide Before Visiting Turkey


The mix of cultural influences and traditions in Turkey is one of the things that draw tourists to the country. Turkey has a rich cultural heritage with a long history of influences from both Europe and Asia, which is reflected in the complexity and diversity of certain Turkish arts, language and handicrafts. Turks are proud of their centuries-old musical tradition, which is similar to the music of nearby Islamic regions such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and northern India. A cosmopolitan nation, Turkey has also adopted and developed ideas and traditions that combine Western, Asian, and Arabic elements. Continue reading “The Detailed Guide Before Visiting Turkey”