4 Attractions To Visit in Belfast!

Belfast is located on the east coast of Ireland, near the river Lagan. Although, it is a large industrial city, which was formed only in the 19th century, it has many interesting attractions.

The city is well planned and it is very convenient to travel by car there. Any tourist who visits Belfast will love its peaceful atmosphere and its calm rhythm of life.

In this article, you will find short descriptions of the most visited attractions in Belfast. Continue reading “4 Attractions To Visit in Belfast!”

Escape to Ireland’s best beaches

Looking for a beautiful beach to visit in Ireland isn’t a difficult task, especially if you are in the west of the country. But finding the ‘best beach’ is more about finding one that suits your plans for the day. Big wave surfer? Try Bundoran Beach in County Donegal on the north-western tip of Ireland. It’s known by the locals as ‘Ireland’s surf capital’ and its reliable reef and beach breaks bring adrenaline seeking surfers back time and time again. There are no less than four surf schools here to help you brush up on your skills or teach you the basics, including Donegal Adventure Centre, Ireland’s largest surf school.

Duncannon 447x307 - Escape to Ireland's best beaches
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But maybe you are more the kind of person who would rather view the waves from the beach. Inch Strand in County Kerry provides the kind of epic shoreline vistas that encourage strolling, sitting and generally marvelling at nature’s beauty. This four-mile long sand spit famously featured in the film Ryan’s Daughter and is a popular spot for fans on the trail of the film’s locations. The beach and in fact the whole Dingle Peninsula lend themselves beautifully to any kind of outdoor activity, from windsurfing to whale watching, making the Inch Strand is a must-see beach for anyone visiting the south west corner of Ireland. Continue reading “Escape to Ireland’s best beaches”

What You Need to Know Before a Belfast Vacay

A vacation in Belfast can liven up a mundane lifestyle back at home and freshen up a tired mind and body. If you are planning for a vacation in Europe, Belfast, Northern Ireland is a great destination to experience the life and culture of Ireland.

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A Belfast vacay offers lots of possibilities and at a very affordable cost. It has the lowest cost of living in the UK and you do not have to buy expensive gear to be able to enjoy the sights and attractions that the city has to offer. Before you dig in, here are some tips to follow in order to get the most out of your trip. Continue reading “What You Need to Know Before a Belfast Vacay”

Best Breweries for Tourists to Try in Ireland

Ireland has a reputation for making some of the finest beers in the world. Unfortunately, many tourists have a difficult time finding great breweries when they visit the country. There are a surprisingly small number of breweries throughout the country.

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What Will You Find at an Irish Brewery?
The breweries that you can find are well-worth visiting, especially for people who love fine dark ales. Nearly 95 percent of the beer sold in Ireland is either Lager or Stout. Continue reading “Best Breweries for Tourists to Try in Ireland”

Discover the beautiful west coast of Ireland

If you’re a fan of golden valleys, nice people, and majestic nature and really would like to have time to see everything, Ireland is the place to go. It is not that huge so a week of car travelling should do you good. There is not that much to see in the capital of Dublin so if I were you I would place myself in a car, or as my grandparents did, on a MC bike and just take off. There are about 200 miles from Dublin to the famous town of Galway, the biggest city of the Irish west coast but with only 70 000 people. But what makes this town so famous is its exuberated music life.

Discover the beautiful west coast of Ireland - Discover the beautiful west coast of Ireland

It is almost impossible to go out to the local pub for a pint of Galway Hooker and not hear some live Irish folk music. Some great bars and pubs you should visit while in Galways are Crane Bar which has a big range of music, all from beginners to touring professionals and the atmosphere is amazing. Some other nice places are Living Room with a live DJ, King’s Head with three floors and Quay’s. There are also a couple of places right outside of Galway that you really should visit while you are here. Continue reading “Discover the beautiful west coast of Ireland”