Vacation Rentals vs. Timeshares–What’s the Difference?

Going on vacation can be expensive when you stop to consider the costs of a hotel. This is what makes the idea of renting or owning a vacation place somewhere so desirable. The basic difference is that a vacation rental belongs to an owner who rents it out to guests, and a timeshare is a property with shared ownership that is divided up between the owners. Beyond these, here are some of the major differences that you’ll need to take into account if you’re deciding between a vacation rental or a timeshare.

Vacation Rentals vs Timeshares - Vacation Rentals vs. Timeshares–What’s the Difference?

Association Fees

A timeshare has association fees that are due on a yearly basis. This is what covers the maintenance and staffing of the resort in which your timeshare is located. As costs go up, so too does this amount. In order to remain in good standing with your account, you have to pay these fees on time. If you don’t pay them before the deadline, you risk incurring additional penalties and not being able to use your timeshare until you’ve taken care of them. In contrast, a rental property does not have association fees, but you do not have ownership and may have difficulty communicating with the owner if they don’t live nearby. Continue reading “Vacation Rentals vs. Timeshares–What’s the Difference?”

4 Tips for Planning the Best Route for Your Road Trip

Choosing your route is very critical in planning trips regardless if it’s on-road, off-road or on air. Today we will focus on road trips. With so much to explore, you probably have an endless list of destinations with several favorable routes in mind. But how do you pick the best route to make the most out of your road trip? Here are some tips.

Road trip - 4 Tips for Planning the Best Route for Your Road Trip

Decide on Your Timing

How much time do you have for the road trip? If you have a short time allocation for the road trip, you will want a less problematic route that gives you a better experience. Short road trips become relevant when the routes are straightforward and with precise destinations. If you have enough time in your hands for the road trip, consider trying out new routes. If you get lost, you have enough time to add more routes to your experience track. Depending on your time allocations, you could try the trial and error method to find a suitable route for your road trip. Continue reading “4 Tips for Planning the Best Route for Your Road Trip”

Where to Go This Summer That Will Not Break the Bank

Summer is here. Which means airfares are more expensive, popular beaches are packed, and your travel planning skills will be taken to the test.

Nuvali - Where to Go This Summer That Will Not Break the Bank

But who says you always have to stretch your budget? A summer getaway isn’t always expensive, you just need to be creative. We found some of those affordable summer destinations you can go to, or simple things you can do during the coming long weekends. Continue reading “Where to Go This Summer That Will Not Break the Bank”

Seven Necessary Things Which You Need For Your Trip

Preparing for travel, we always forget essential things, so make sure you won’t forget everything and check this list of the must-have stuff.

Backpackers - Seven Necessary Things Which You Need For Your Trip

#1 Daily cleanser 

Any trip is a stress for facial skin, so make a golden rule for yourself to clean it at least one time per day and remove all the dirt and oils. It’s not enough to rinse it with a lukewarm water only because, actually, it only spreads dirt all over the face. Don’t use soap – it extremely over dries skin and provokes flakes.  Continue reading “Seven Necessary Things Which You Need For Your Trip”

Signs It’s Time for Vacation

There’s no shame in feeling like you need a break. Do you ever sit at your desk at work and daydream of a distant vacation, even if it’s several months away? You’re not alone. In general, most of us wait far too long to take the breaks that we desperately need. It’s time for us to stop thinking about vacations as an optional luxury, and to start thinking of them as a necessity instead. Because that’s what they are. In fact, not letting yourself step away from your problems may be the exact thing that’s holding you back.

Tired Women - Signs It’s Time for Vacation

Getting a new perspective

There was once a study where some rats who had cancer were observed. Some of those rats were kept in the same miserable conditions they were already in. The other half of the rats were moved to a new location, where they were given more amenities and a better quality of life. The rats who stayed in the same environment all died from the cancer. The majority of the rats that were moved, however, were found to no longer have cancer after the move. Obviously, you won’t be able to cure yourself of cancer if you go on a vacation. However, there is merit to this study. By staying in an environment that stresses you out and makes you feel down will continue to make you feel that way. You’ll continue to feel like you have too many responsibilities on your plate, you’ll feel overwhelmed, and you’ll be depressed. But if you allow yourself to step out of this and get a new perspective, many aspects of your life will begin to show improvement. Continue reading “Signs It’s Time for Vacation”