Salmon Charters In Vancouver

Seafood, particularly salmon is such a staple throughout British Columbia that it is practically a part of the culture. For both residents and tourists, sampling salmon is not enough to get the full experience – only open-water fishing can do that. Chartered fishing expeditions are the perfect avenue to spend a restful day on the water, all while snapping up your very own catch of the day!

Salmon Fishing - Salmon Charters In Vancouver

Everyone wants to spend an afternoon in the sunshine, trying to catch a fish or two. Unfortunately, setting up camp on a pier with a fishing pole is not always enough to ensure a catch. Instead of struggling to get a bite, chartered fishing excursions are the keys to success. These guided outings introduce clients to top fishing spots for a better chance at great results, all while providing necessary tools and safety equipment. As seasons change, so do migration patterns. This means that an in-depth understanding of wildlife is a major asset. Continue reading “Salmon Charters In Vancouver”

Vancouver as Canada’s Top Culinary Destination

For those living outside Canada’s west coast, Vancouver sounds like a fantasy land. There is sun, surf, mountains, and of course, food! In addition to being a cultural hotspot, Vancouver is Canada’s top destination for exciting culinary experiences.

Vancouver - Vancouver as Canada’s Top Culinary Destination

The west coast is known for embracing creativity and bending the rules inside the kitchen. Taking this wild-child attitude, combined with diverse cultural influences, makes for a thriving culinary scene. In the past, travel trends might have centred around history or night life but now, food is topping the charts. Popular travel sites have even begun to consider culinary trends in their recommendations to travellers. So, what is it that makes the food scene in Vancouver so great? Continue reading “Vancouver as Canada’s Top Culinary Destination”

6 Hidden Gems of Canada That You Might Not Know About

Alongside the romance of Montreal and the wonder of Niagara Falls are endless nooks and crannies to be found within Canada’s vast borders. If you’ve never visited Canada, or think you’ve already covered all the attractions worth seeing, know that there is plenty more to explore. Like every area of the world, Canada is home to some lesser-known gems waiting to be seen. Here are six hidden gems of Canada that you might not be aware of:

Yukon River in Dawson City 447x299 - 6 Hidden Gems of Canada That You Might Not Know About


Want to be taken back in time? Dawson City, located in Yukon, was the center of the Yukon Gold Rush. Along with stunning views of the surrounding countryside, you’ll find the town so well preserved you’ll feel as if you’re walking onto a Western movie set. Bring a sweater though, as the average July temperature is just above 60F. Continue reading “6 Hidden Gems of Canada That You Might Not Know About”

5 Things You Must Do While Visiting Downtown Calgary

Calgary is known for its bustling downtown scene and scenic views for a location that is one of the most popular locations to visit in Canada. From nature centers to historic structures in the city, there are several attractions that are must-see places to visit for tourists. To stay busy and find things to do while in downtown Calgary, there are a few places to visit to experience the best that the city has to offer throughout the year.

Calgary Tower 447x301 - 5 Things You Must Do While Visiting Downtown Calgary

1. Take a Tour of Calgary Tower

Known as a prominent tower that reaches 520 meters high, guests can experience spectacular views of the city while taking a tour of Calgary Tower. It features a glass floor and a revolving restaurant at the top of the building for an unforgettable experience that is a definite must-see. Continue reading “5 Things You Must Do While Visiting Downtown Calgary”

Travel Guide: 4 Must-see Attractions in Ottawa

Ottawa, the capital of Canada, offers visitors a wide range of fun and interesting activities throughout the year. It offers natural beauty as well as many places of cultural and historical interest. Ottawa is a city that provides an interesting mixture of history, culture and a modern cosmopolitan environment. When you visit Ottawa, make sure you check out these four attractions.

Attraction in Ottawa - Travel Guide: 4 Must-see Attractions in Ottawa

  1. Canadian Museum of History

Formerly called Canadian Museum of Civilization, this is Canada’s most visited museum. Established in 1856, it is also one of the country’s oldest museums. It offers many permanent and temporary exhibits on topics ranging from Egypt to Inuit art. One of the museum’s most popular features is the IMAX theater, which shows films on 7 story giant screens with a 180 degree field of vision. Continue reading “Travel Guide: 4 Must-see Attractions in Ottawa”