Getting to Isla Holbox Oscar Cancun Shuttle

Looking for that perfect mixture of bohemian beauty, great weather and oodles of relaxation? You may have just found one. Mexico’s Isla Holbox is just that. It is more of a paradise island that you may have dreamt of all this while. The Carribean coast is slowly becoming increasingly cluttered and it is getting challenging to find places to leave all the humdrum aside. Trippers are hunting for tacos, cocktails, beaches and sunshine but all this without crowds. It is not too much to ask for, is it? Shortest hop from the coast has to be Isla Mujeres. The best kept secret has to be Isla Holbox and it is on every traveler’s list. Here is how you can get there.

Cancun - Getting to Isla Holbox Oscar Cancun Shuttle

Getting There Via Cabs: Thinking about reaching the Holbox Island? Well, there are two very simple methods to reach. These include travelling by road or the plane. This place enjoys a location at the Yucatan’s North coast and is a lesser-known treasure. For a transfer service, their management teams take care of everything right from the airport. It lies to north-west of the Mexican city and also possesses a tiny air strip. If images of turquoise bright waters, colorful murals and sandy unpaved streets have cast a spell, now is the time. Continue reading “Getting to Isla Holbox Oscar Cancun Shuttle”

5 Reasons to Book a Flight to Cancun Today

When you think of Mexico, you might think of sombreros, cantinas, and of course incredible food. But there are so many more things to see and do in Mexico than you realize. Cancun is located on the Yucatan Peninsula and is chock full of awesome things to do on your next trip. Here are some of the reasons why you should finish this blog and go buy plane tickets right now.

World Class Scuba Diving - 5 Reasons to Book a Flight to Cancun Today

World Class Scuba Diving

Cancun and nearby Cozumel are world renowned for their scuba diving and snorkeling. Cozumel is a small island about 12 miles off the mainland. A current passes between the island and the mainland keeping it clear of sediment providing some of the clearest water with visibility up to 200 feet. In addition to the great visibility, water temperatures are usually in the 80s year round making your dive an amazing experience. Continue reading “5 Reasons to Book a Flight to Cancun Today”

The Hottest Ten Vacation Spots South Of The Boarder

Mexico seems to have it all for the pleasure seeking-tourist. Following are 10 suggestions of the hottest vacation spots in Mexico.

Cabo San Lucas - The Hottest Ten Vacation Spots South Of The Boarder

Cabo San Lucas
Cabo is located on the Southern tip of the Baja Peninsula on the Pacific Ocean. It is best known for its beaches, whale watching, and sport fishing but is also well known for its golf courses. Continue reading “The Hottest Ten Vacation Spots South Of The Boarder”

5 Travel Tips for Cancun

There is no denying that the narrow barrier island of Cancun is the go-to vacation hot spot if you are seeking miles of pristine beaches, crystal-blue ocean water, hopping nightlife and abundant golfing at hotel resorts such as the Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort. Affordable inclusive vacation packages abound at many of the hotels in Cancun, and with a bit of planning, you can easily have the tropical vacation of your dreams on a shoestring budget.

Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort - 5 Travel Tips for Cancun

Here are five travel tips that can help you make your vacation a memorable adventure. Continue reading “5 Travel Tips for Cancun”

Six Mexico Destinations You Should Consider For A Romantic Getaway

If you are thinking of traveling south of the border for a romantic getaway, there are several Mexico destinations that you can travel to with your love to get some much need rest and relaxation. Whether you want to visit an all-inclusive honeymoon resort or a secluded area that is quiet and private, there is a destination that will offer what you want and that you and your spouse will agree on in Mexico. Here are six great options and what make them great spots for romance:

Puerto Vallarta - Six Mexico Destinations You Should Consider For A Romantic Getaway

The Cosmopolitan Beach Area of Puerto Vallarta

What makes Puerto Vallarta such a sight to see is that it is nestled between Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madra Mountains. While it is not surrounded by beach, there is a very secluded beach area south of the bay that you can escape to if you want quiet or you want to eat fresh delicacies. Visit a gourmet restaurant, stay at an upscale resort, or converse with beach locals. Continue reading “Six Mexico Destinations You Should Consider For A Romantic Getaway”