Exploring Colorado: A Comprehensive Guide

With a string of attractions, like cosmopolitan cities, welcoming towns, world-class national parks, natural hot springs, iconic gold mines etc— Colorado promises you a well-rounded family tour during your vacations. Frankly speaking, with such a wide array of activities- viz- nightlife, hiking, mountain biking, train rides, balloon ride etc to explore, it practically become a tad difficult for vacationers to plan their itinerary properly. However, even within that conspicuously short time, try and make it to, at least some of the special attractions mentioned below:

National Park

Pikes Peak (Pike National Forest): This, perhaps, can be counted as one of those destinations that can emphatically fit in your itinerary simply by the virtue of the breathtaking views it affords. Located around a few miles from the Manitou Springs, this peak reaches an astounding 14,110 feet. Head out for the annual car rally, beginning in July, after braving a difficult climb up. The Pike National Forest is now in charge of protecting the entire mountain range. Continue reading “Exploring Colorado: A Comprehensive Guide”

West Wing Penthouse for a Great Mountain Escapade

Going on a mountain escapade for your vacation is not for the fainthearted if you plan on including a lot of physical activities. There are just some things you simply have to go to the mountains for! And if you like to snuggle up and take in beautiful mountain scenery from inside for the duration of your holiday, that sounds good as well.


Some activities that are uniquely enjoyable in the mountains include a downhill bike race, mountain climbing, camping, and skiing or snowboarding, depending on the season. You can only experience vistas of splendid mountain views by being in them! Continue reading “West Wing Penthouse for a Great Mountain Escapade”