Choose Singer Island for a Relaxing Florida Vacation

Singer Island is one of the top vacation destinations in Florida. Visitors will find plenty of quaint restaurants and bars, many outdoor activities, and several types of accommodations. Whether one is traveling alone on business, as a couple on a romantic getaway, or with the family on the annual vacation, Singer Island has something for all ages.



Although Singer Island has a laid back atmosphere, there are a couple of nightlife spots that are ideal for grabbing a bite to eat and something to drink. Menus are casual with seafood, BBQ chicken, and ribs among the favorites of locals and visitors alike. Many establishments can be found at the water’s edge such as Coconuts on the Beach. Restaurants like Two Drunken Goats are reminiscent of years past in Florida while the attentive staff serves large portions. Continue reading “Choose Singer Island for a Relaxing Florida Vacation”

Six Places You’ve Never Thought to Visit in Florida

Florida is a mecca for many travelers, boasting some of the nation’s biggest attractions, from major theme parks to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. However, there are plenty of great places to visit off the beaten track. With everything from artistic treasures to quirky hideaways, there is something for everyone, including a handful of places you would never have thought to visit before.

Salvador Dali Museum

The Salvador Dali Museum

Art lovers, rejoice. The Dali Museum is a showcase of some of the most impressive works by the Spanish surrealist. Based in Saint Petersburg, Florida, the attraction begins from the moment you pull up to the expansive museum, which houses a whimsical expanse of glass that brings to mind the strangest and most dreamlike of this famed 20th century painter’s works.  Continue reading “Six Places You’ve Never Thought to Visit in Florida”

Orlando Hotels & Resorts Offer Different Benefits

Of all the cities in the United States that offer a number of different vacation options, Orlando, Florida is near the top of the list. The area is packed with theme parks, water parks, and other tourist attractions that keeps it at the top of lists for families. Hotels in Orlando run the gamut from the ultra-luxurious to basic bed and bathroom, which means potential vacationers need to take a hard look at their plans before deciding on where to stay. Disney hotels, off property hotels, and transportation needs are just a few of the options that travelers should consider before booking.

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

Disney Hotels

Travelers heading to one of the Orlando areas most popular attractions, Walt Disney World, are faced with a difficult decision. Staying on Disney property in one the massive resorts offers a number of solutions. Among them are easy access to food, free transportation around the complex, and some pretty unique properties. If the Disney theme parks are the reason for the trip, travelers should give the different price levels a serious look before committing to another property. The time saved in simply getting around can often offset any other savings. Continue reading “Orlando Hotels & Resorts Offer Different Benefits”

Why To Go For Tuna Fishing In Florida

Here is a complete article that will really enlighten you to the fact that why one should choose to fish tuna. Out of all those factors the one is that there are lots of people around who are in deep love with the tuna fishing thing. But this thing is also vastly true that there might be some really cool factors that had made people fall in love with it. If you sneak off to the Pacific and Atlantic ocean than you will be able to have over 50 different types of tuna. Tuna had also turned out to be one of the most important and commercial food of many countries. Here are some other facts about tuna that will really make you go crazy for it.

Tuna fishing

APPEARANCE: – Here we will be talking about three types of tuna. The first one skipjack, yellowfin and Bluefin. The skipjack tuna is one such kind that does not have any scale on its body except of the lateral line and the crosslet. They have a dark purplish black and the lower side of the belly is silver. The yellowfin tuna is metallic blue on the sides of the belly and the colour changing from yellow to silver as we proceed towards the belly. It is of a torpedo shape. Bluefin have a large torpedo shaped body in circular runs. The back of this fish is dark blue and it is white on the lower side of the belly. Continue reading “Why To Go For Tuna Fishing In Florida”