Discovering the Windy City: 6 Downtown Family Fun Activities

Kids. Chicago. Not always a pairing made in heaven, given weather constraints during the worst months of the year, but frankly, even parents raising kids in the Windy City for decades confess that their kids grow up long before they’ve exposed them to all of the child centric activities sprawled across this thriving metropolis. We recommend starting your adventure at Grand Central Station. Choose activities you think your kids might like best, but keep an eye on your wallet: One of the best things about Chicago is that amid pricey sites—like the Field Museum and Planetarium—memories are also ready to be made on the slimmest of budgets.

Field Museum

For Girls Only

Skip to the next “family fun activities” idea if you’ve only got boys. Chicago is the epicenter of the American Girl phenomenon and Mecca is located at Watertower Place, a popular, trending destination on its own that’s a healthy trek from Union Station by foot or a short cab ride away. The place is so well-known, no address necessary for taxi drivers, but as a parent, it’s a wise move to visit the Chicago headquarters’ website to prepare for your excursion. Understand, up front, that your mini-princess will ask for everything she sees as you traverse a universe of little girls carrying dolls, so set limits and allow her to choose one thing like a matching outfit, ear piercing and hair styling (for the doll). Bring the camera. This can be the grandest experience of all for a little girl with big dreams and if you’re strategic, you won’t have to re-mortgage your house to pay for the full experience. Continue reading “Discovering the Windy City: 6 Downtown Family Fun Activities”

5 Fun Chicago Vacation Activities for Families

The Windy City is an absolute treasure trove of activities, from the easy access to a bevy of blues clubs to the 15 miles of public beaches that front Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan

And while Chicago has a long and storied past that includes a great fire and a lot of meat packing, visitors to The City of Broad Shoulders will find a truly modern and accommodating vacation destination when they choose to pack up the family and head to this major metropolitan area in Illinois. Here are just a few activities that are likely to appeal to adults and tykes alike. Continue reading “5 Fun Chicago Vacation Activities for Families”