New Zealand – have you visited yet?

If you haven’t visited New Zealand yet you’re missing something ‘awesome’. Too often the word is bandied around, especially by celebrities coming out with it every other word. A singer in a band describing the audience as “awesome” is a typical misuse of the word. The true meaning of awesome is as follows:

New Zealand Sheep - New Zealand - have you visited yet?

… “Something which inspires awe”…
If any place can be described as being “awesome” or “awe inspiring” that place is New Zealand. If anything can be described in the same vein it is the mountains, lakes, glaciers, fiords, waterways and hot springs which are permanent features of the landscape of this amazing country. If you’re going over there to visit, there is only one way to take in as much “awesomeness” as possible and that is by way of New Zealand campervan hire. Continue reading “New Zealand – have you visited yet?”

Cannibals in Fiji: Some Facts

While leisurely floating away on a Fiji cruise, you wouldn’t guess that some of the early inhabitants of the islands were cannibals. Now, it’s not really the kind of cannibalism you imagine from popular culture: early Fijians did not just eat anyone because they were hungry. Cannibalism was a ritual act deeply embedded in Fijian religion and customs. If you want to learn more (and we promise there aren’t gritty details), read on!

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Photo: Travel With Olga

Cannibalism in the South Pacific

The South Pacific was known as a major cannibal territory, with Fiji especially, as it was nicknamed “the cannibal isles”. Groups of Melanesian origin were particularly prone to practice cannibalism, and there are even documented cases of flesh-markets in some isolated parts of Melanesian territory. Continue reading “Cannibals in Fiji: Some Facts”

Fiji Cheap Travel Tips

Fiji cruises are a great way to get to Fiji on the cheap. There are many cruises that start in Fiji itself or from somewhere in Australia or the South Pacific. But there are also many other ways to save money during your next trip to the beautiful South Pacific archipelago—here are some of our best cheap travel tips for Fiji!

Fiji cruise - Fiji Cheap Travel Tips

Cheap flights are available 

There are many cheap flight websites out there, but the rule remains: if you’re going to buy the flight separate from the hotel, it’s better to book in advance. However, if you’re booking an all-inclusive with flight included, last-minute deals abound. In either case, flying in the summer is always cheaper than in the winter, as many Northerners enjoy taking a tropical vacation between November and March. Travel off-season and save! Continue reading “Fiji Cheap Travel Tips”

Best Beaches in Fiji

Fiji cruises may take you around the Fiji islands, but do they take you to the best beaches in the archipelago? Because Fiji is surrounded by coral, there are very few beaches used for surfing or water sports. However, if it’s remote lagoons and palm trees you’re after, then you’ll be in for a treat, because it’s a Fiji specialty. Here are some of our favourite Fiji beaches.

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Natadola Beach (Viti Levu)

The Natadola Beach is an exception on Viti Levu. The main Fiji island isn’t really known for its beaches, but Natadola is the exception. A long stretch of white sand and coconut palm trees swaying in the wind are waiting for you at this remote location. It used to be quiet, but given its popularity a few resorts have opened (or are opening soon) around this once-remote beach. Continue reading “Best Beaches in Fiji”

What to Expect from Your Fijian Holiday

If you leave for your Fiji cruise with high expectations, you won’t be disappointed! Fiji is best recognised as a tropical paradise and an ideal holiday destination. With white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, many travellers are drawn to the island nation and with so many Fiji holiday packages available, there is a holiday available for every desire and budget.

Fiji Cruise Holiday - What to Expect from Your Fijian Holiday

If you are taking time to travel to Fiji, you can certainly expect that you will have an opportunity to relax and unwind. Frequently, tourists to Fiji speak of how they adjusted to ‘Fiji time’ and suddenly found that relaxation, invigoration and the chance to unwind and replenish energy stores were the focus (and the best thing) about their holiday. Continue reading “What to Expect from Your Fijian Holiday”