Vacation Rentals vs. Timeshares–What’s the Difference?

Going on vacation can be expensive when you stop to consider the costs of a hotel. This is what makes the idea of renting or owning a vacation place somewhere so desirable. The basic difference is that a vacation rental belongs to an owner who rents it out to guests, and a timeshare is a property with shared ownership that is divided up between the owners. Beyond these, here are some of the major differences that you’ll need to take into account if you’re deciding between a vacation rental or a timeshare.

Vacation Rentals vs Timeshares - Vacation Rentals vs. Timeshares–What’s the Difference?

Association Fees

A timeshare has association fees that are due on a yearly basis. This is what covers the maintenance and staffing of the resort in which your timeshare is located. As costs go up, so too does this amount. In order to remain in good standing with your account, you have to pay these fees on time. If you don’t pay them before the deadline, you risk incurring additional penalties and not being able to use your timeshare until you’ve taken care of them. In contrast, a rental property does not have association fees, but you do not have ownership and may have difficulty communicating with the owner if they don’t live nearby. Continue reading “Vacation Rentals vs. Timeshares–What’s the Difference?”

The Best Choices for the Best of Bahamas

Having lunch in a Bahamian restaurant, you need to carefully study the check. Often, tips are already included in the amount of payment, so there is a risk of leaving more money in the institution than necessary. The tip size in the Bahamas is 15%. Tipping is mandatory; ignoring this rule is regarded as disrespect or dissatisfaction with the service.

Bahamas Sailboat - The Best Choices for the Best of Bahamas

The Currency
In the Bahamas, US dollars are officially used. Tourists should not believe the locals who offer to exchange the currency for the “local” so you can stay completely without money. You can exchange currency only in banks. Continue reading “The Best Choices for the Best of Bahamas”

Come and Enjoy the Scenic Loop at Las Vegas but through an ebike This Time

If you want to explore some adventures in Las Vegas then it is time for you to come forth and enjoy the ebike tours. Come and feel the never before experience. There are so many tourists who come to enjoy an ebike trip. Once you are here, we promise you would want to come again to ride on the wide bike lane. So without wasting much time, let’s get to know more about the Red Rock electric bike escapade!

Bike riders - Come and Enjoy the Scenic Loop at Las Vegas but through an ebike This Time

The Red Rock tour ebike is the talk of the town now! The bike lanes are quite wide, making it easy for anyone to ride smoothly and safely. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is one of a kind. It huge but exploring it on an ebike makes it even more fun and adventurous. These bikes are turbo featured ones. Hence, cycling gets smooth and too easy breezy. Continue reading “Come and Enjoy the Scenic Loop at Las Vegas but through an ebike This Time”

Unique Ways to See London

If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to see the sights that London has to offer, look no further. This article has a few fun ideas for you this summer to make the most of the vibrant city.

London - Unique Ways to See London

Abseil down the ArcelorMittal Orbit –

The ArcelorMittal orbit was built in 2012 to commemorate the London Olympics. At first, it was merely a sculpture, but it’s now been developed and updated into a 180m slide that circles the tower five times before a 50m straight run to the bottom of the tower. With tickets from only £11.50, from the top of the slide you can see a glorious panorama across London, almost 20 miles of stunning sights. After enjoying the view, you have the thrilling choice between taking the slide down to the ground or braving the abseiling route. Sure to be a day to remember, this is certainly an incredible way to see London. Continue reading “Unique Ways to See London”

Travel to another Realm in Pleasant Grove

Step through a portal into an alternate reality at this fantasy-themed park located in the beautiful Utah Valley. At the foot of soaring mountain peaks, Evermore Park has medieval-themed buildings and character actors that will delight kids or fans of fantasy books and films. Wander the park and enjoy its delights, then explore the rest of this expansive valley and all the hiking, entertainment, dining, and shopping it has to offer for vacation memories sure to last a lifetime.

Utah Valley 447x298 - Travel to another Realm in Pleasant Grove

There are plenty of hotels near Evermore so that your travels need only involve a foray into a fantasy realm. Continue reading “Travel to another Realm in Pleasant Grove”