The Coasts of Australia from the Board of Your Yacht

Australian coasts are really exiting and beautiful, especially, when you explore them from the ocean. If you have a yacht and like the sailing to various countries, you should visit Australia for sure. It is supposed to be a great adventure independently from which side you will go there, from East or West. Coming from America to Australia, you may come through the Panama Canal or double South America and come from the south. Of course you should have enough experience and be ready for such a long voyage, because it may be very unpredictable.

Australia sailing Yacht
Photo: The Waterboy

On your way to Australia you can visit the shores of New Zealand and Tasmania. And it won’t be wrong, if you do that. Certainly, the best place for you to see is Sydney with its magnificent opera house. Great Barrier Reef is also a great place especially for those, who like diving. This place can show you the most diverse life in the world ocean. But you should be careful sailing the yacht, because you can run aground there. Continue reading “The Coasts of Australia from the Board of Your Yacht”

Travelling the blue-white City of Greece

Greece is some sort of paradise for people who are interested in art, literature and architecture. Far away from beach routine is a wonderful world for admirers of classics, antiquity and travels. Greece is located in the south-east of Europe and has borders with Turkey, Bulgaria, Albania and Macedonia.

Photo: MarcelGermain

You may know that Greece is the most ancient country of Europe and one of the oldest states in the world. Certainly, it underwent a lot of changes for thousands of years, but still we have wonderful monuments of this great culture. First of all it is literature. As you may know all ancient authors have the great impact on many classical writers and nowadays works. But ancient Greeks were developed in many spheres. And one of the main spheres is architecture. Marvelous sculptures and building, which still can be seen today, are the witnesses of that epoch in the history of Greece. Continue reading “Travelling the blue-white City of Greece”

Driving from Texas to Florida

Traveling by car is popular all over the world. And it is especially popular in such a large and diverse country as the United States of America. If you have a car, and you do have it, if you are a US citizen, you may dedicate your vacation to traveling all over the country. But let us suppose the situation, if you live in Texas and would like to go the sea shore.

Naples, Florida
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Let it be the Atlantic coast. So, the most probable place for you to go from Texas is Miami, Florida. You should think over your way carefully, because this is rather long journey. Take a map and choose the route for your drive. Mark all the fuel stations and motels where you may possibly stay for a night with your girlfriend or wife and children. Do not forget to visit passing cities and towns. These can be Naples, which is a beautiful place for having rest on the beach. Another one is St. Petersburg, Florida. It has Salvador Dali Museum containing about 200 of works of the surrealistic genius. Continue reading “Driving from Texas to Florida”

Having Deal with Travel Agencies

Having intention to travel anywhere, most people use the services of travel agencies to get to the places where they may have wonderful rest and idly spend their time. We should fairly underline that not every one of us likes to make deal with those agencies due to diverse reasons. Some people try to find the cheapest agency, others would like to pay money, but have worth vacation. But everything depends on the deal.

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Almost every agency nowadays can offer you last minutes deal. A person, who used the services of a travel agency at least once in his or her life, knows what it means. Such a notion means that you can get the travel to the place you need for the cheapest price and go immediately. Usually, these deals are applied to the most popular places of travel at the height of the season. Continue reading “Having Deal with Travel Agencies”