Beat the Rush: How to Make the Most out of a Los Angeles Adventure

While you may be excited about visiting the Universal Studios at Hollywood or the Griffith Observatory, once you enter the bustling city of Los Angeles you may be startled by the amount of traffic and people in this vibrant city. Visiting a place that has a lot of traffic can really start to cut into the amount of things that you can do in a day. You don’t have to skimp out on adventure time just because you’re in a heavily populated area. Here are some of the ways that you can get the most out of your Los Angeles adventure.

Beat the Rush - Beat the Rush: How to Make the Most out of a Los Angeles Adventure

Plan Accordingly

Develop an itinerary of the things that you want to do each day. This will help you to map out the best routes of travel. Avoid times of the day that are known to have heavier traffic. You may want to plan out your routes so that you’re spending as little time as possible on the road. Take to the streets and walk or rent a bike! It will be much more enjoyable to be seeing the sights while the traffic is the heaviest than being stuck on the road with everyone else. Also remember to pack a jacket—while it is extremely hot in L.A. in the summertime, the wind from the ocean is extremely cold at times. Continue reading “Beat the Rush: How to Make the Most out of a Los Angeles Adventure”

4 Great Ways to Enjoy National Parks This Summer

There are over 400 National Parks and only so much summer left to enjoy. However, it isn’t too late to find your closest park and take in the beauty of nature on a hike or camping trip with family or friends. Here are just a few ways that you can get that much closer to a park visit before the weather turns too cold to do so.

National Park - 4 Great Ways to Enjoy National Parks This Summer


National parks are full of hiking trails for a variety of ages and levels of experience. If you have certain needs, you can easily research the trails ahead of time to find ones that are suited to your level. If you have children, it’s best to go on the shorter and easier trails. You can also do a drive-through of certain areas to get a view of canyons, forests, and other beautiful landscapes preserved by the National Parks Foundation. Continue reading “4 Great Ways to Enjoy National Parks This Summer”

The best alternative ways to travel on holiday

Holidays can be a great excuse to get out and see the world, but does it really feel right to visit so many new places in the same old family car? Travel experts Compare and Choose have helped put together this list of the best alternative ways to travel on holiday, as well as some of the best ways to make sure they’re right for you.

Sailing Cruise - The best alternative ways to travel on holiday

Hired boats

Cruises can be a very relaxing experience for casual trips, but you won’t always get the freedom to explore the ports and stops you pass along the way. Hiring a boat gives you much more control over the journey and makes it much easier to visit everything you want to visit at each destination.  Continue reading “The best alternative ways to travel on holiday”

Getting Your Car Checked Before a Road Trip

Now that we’re in the midst of summer, everyone is gearing up to head outside and hit the road. The summer weather comes with a desire to get out and go somewhere, and there’s no better time for traveling than the summer. However, before you hit the road, you’ll want to make sure that your care can handle the journey. Here’s a quick checklist to go through before you actually hit the road…

Road Trip - Getting Your Car Checked Before a Road Trip

Checking the outside of your vehicle

Potential breakdowns can easily be avoided by checking a handful of things on the outside of your vehicle. For example, check that your tires still have good tread and are wearing evenly. Check the pressure, and make any necessary adjustments. Be sure to include your spare in your tire inspection. Changing a flat in the middle of a desert in the middle of the night would not be the high point of your trip, so do what you can to avoid it. Make sure your headlights, taillights, and front and back blinkers are all working properly, so you can be safe and avoid a ticket. Your brakes and windshield wipers should also be inspected to make sure they have enough life left in them for your trip. Continue reading “Getting Your Car Checked Before a Road Trip”